2 Important Email Marketing Trends of 2021

With the world of emails changing ever so rapidly every year, there are some key trends that have been happening in the email world and will continue to scale significantly in the year 2021. Here are 2 things you need to consider for your business.

Newsletter based businesses

Some people are saying that email is the future of journalism. It’s a way for writers to express their independent views and have a stable income.

Paid newsletters based on niche topics are quickly becoming a thing. These newsletters are often sent out to a specific target audience.

One such example of a newsletter is one offered by Eddie Shleyner of VeryGoodCopy. His newsletters are about copywriting and a lot of his target audience are copywriters themselves who are looking to benefit from his experiences and reflections on various copies he decides to do a ‘tear down’ of every week.

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It is not uncommon to find ads in these newsletters as well. However the key part to these newsletters in getting great open rates and click rates is offering valuable content. If the content being offered is not bringing in value, consumers will simply unsubscribe at the end of the day.

Email personalization at scale

There are a lot of different objectives an email marketing campaign can aim for, starting with raising brand awareness and ending with re-engaging customers.

However, the end goal of any email marketing campaign is to generate more revenue and make more profit. Over the last couple of years, marketers have concluded that one of the best ways to do that is through complete personalisation.

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Perhaps the biggest advantage of email as a marketing tool is the level of personalization that exists at your fingertips. With the ability to send targeted emails to each person, you can make your emails feel customized to thousands (for some businesses, millions) of people at once.

With increased automation, personalization has only become easier to implement for businesses. It has only given small businesses more of an edge as most email marketing tools are offering advanced levels of personalization and automation without a large investment.

According to Instapage, personalized messages have an ROI of 122%, while personalised subject lines generate approximately 50% higher open rates than standard subject lines. Personalized emails are a hot trend that can transform the brand awareness and sales of a business, when used effectively.

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Services such asGetEmail.iohave also made it easy for businesses to gather emails of potential B2B clients.


In 2021, email subscriptions and e-commerce purchases will continue to rise. With email marketing as important as ever, adopting automation and personalization processes will help keep you ahead of the game. Smart businesses would need to consider emerging trends such as no-code software and paid newsletters to help them succeed.

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