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September 30th, 2017 by helper

In my South Carolina business, it is important to keep a telephone call record. You see, I work for a sales company which makes cold calls. Whether in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Greenville, or other city, telephone call recording is one of the mainstays of our industry. We are a small business, and so when we began we did not record telephone calls. We have a very professional staff, and I thought it wasn’t necessary to do so. After all, I figured that the reports about the results of the phone calls were enough. Then one day, I received a rude awakening.

The problem is that many people take an unsolicited telephone call rather personally. They might make up all kinds of unwarranted accusations. One of our telephone callers – a close personal friend of mine and consummate professional – was actually accused of harassment! Although I knew that this charge was bogus, without a telephone call record it was impossible to prove it. The burden of proof should have been on the accuser, but that is not the reality of our system nowadays. People are so irritated by unsolicited telephone calls in Mt Pleasant, SC that juries are likely to find against the company even if the company is not at fault. In the end, we settled out-of-court, even though we knew we were in the right. That is when we decided to install telephone call record software.

Although recording Charleston, SC telephone calls is an easy matter, keeping a telephone call record is much more complicated. It is not just a matter of digital telephone call recording. That part is simple. What is complicated is storing and organizing the data. Telephone records, after all, take up a lot of memory. Digital telephone recording can take up hundreds of megabytes per call. With that kind of memory requirement, the hardware can get very expensive very quickly. The key to keeping a telephone record is deciding which telephone call record you need, and which you can throw away.

In the end, we decided on a telephone call record system that combines analog and digital elements. In the short term, telephone recordings, along with dates, time, and phone number, are stored on the computer hard disk. After six months or so, they are transferred to analog tapes. These tapes are much cheaper, and they’re good for storing large amounts of data that is not likely to be needed anytime soon. After another six months, the Mt Pleasant business telephone call record is transcribed and purged. The transcription is stored as text, which is a much more compact way of doing things. Instead of 200 megabytes, a telephone call transcription takes less than 2 kilobytes.

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