Top Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer During Your Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, asking your personal injury attorney the right questions is essential. This will help you determine if they best fit your case.

You should also find out how many cases like yours they have handled. You want to work with a lawyer with experience handling complicated legal issues and trials.

What Is Your Specialty?

Your area of specialty is your focus within a field of study. This is a critical question in residency interviews because it can help interviewers determine your interest and passion for the specialty.

The best way to answer this question is by highlighting your strengths and experiences that are relevant to the specialty. Make sure to be honest, and genuine.

Do You Have Trial Experience?

There are a lot of issues involved in personal injury cases. A reputable attorney will be honest about these challenges during your consultation and propose a viable solution.

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Although the chances of your case going to trial are slim, it is good to find out if the lawyer has had experience handling similar matters like attorney Tyler Wilk. This will give them an edge when dealing with the insurance providers attached to your case.

Do You Have the Resources to Represent Me?

Some attorneys make inflated promises during an initial consultation to attract clients. However, an attorney can only promise you will win a certain amount of compensation once they have complete information regarding your case and all the available insurance policies to provide you with compensation.

Look for an attorney to provide you with previous client results and testimonials. They should also have the resources to work on your case cost-effectively and efficiently.

How Much Will My Case Be Worth?

Many personal injury attorneys make claims about a case’s value that they may be unable to back up. They will use medical expenses, lost income, and other factors to estimate the value of your case.

Ask your attorney how they will calculate the value of your claim and what information they need from you to do so. Also, determine who will work on your case and whether they have sufficient experience.

Will You Be in Charge of My Case?

In most cases, your attorney will have to work with a team. You will want to determine who will be in charge of your case and how much experience this individual has.

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Ideally, you will be working with a senior attorney at the firm. However, some firms will assign less experienced attorneys to manage the case. If this is the case, ask about their experience and training.

How Will You Communicate With Me?

Even if your lawyer cannot answer all of your questions during the consultation, they should be able to estimate how long it will take to resolve the case. Find out if the attorney you speak with will handle your case or pass it to less experienced associates.

Ask if you can see testimonials or references from past clients. Most attorneys will be happy to share this information with you.

Will You Be Available to Answer My Questions?

The personal injury attorney you select should be available to answer your questions. They should estimate how long the case will take and explain who will handle different aspects of the case. Avoid lawyers who promise high-dollar results immediately, as they may be misleading you.

Ask your potential lawyer whether they have jury trial experience. Most attorneys do not, but this question should be asked anyway.

What Will My Role Be in Case Preparation?

Your attorney should be honest with you about the case’s chances of success. They should also tell you how frequently they will keep you updated.

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If the firm has extensive practice, they may utilize associate attorneys to handle various parts of your case. Ask them who will work on your case and how they will be supervised. This will ensure you are getting the most up-to-date information about your case.

How Will I Stay Updated on My Case?

An excellent personal injury attorney will keep you updated throughout the case process. Some attorneys prefer to communicate via phone or email for a more detailed record.

An attorney should also provide a ballpark estimate of how long the case will take. However, it would be best to be wary of any bold guarantees. Insurance companies know which lawyers are willing to try a case and which ones will settle.

Will You Be able to Represent Me in Court?

Your lawyer should understand how local courts handle personal injury cases well. They should also have a solid record of winning them.

Be sure to determine whether the senior attorney you met with will handle your case or if less experienced associates will take on the bulk of the work. If this is the case, ask how they will be supervised.

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