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Staying on Top of Google

Hi, it's Mike Liebner here with some Words Equal Money tips and suggestions to make sure your efforts at getting top rankings on Google pay off big time!

I have some info to help you get rankings and keep your web pages listed at the top of Google for the long run!

The secret to long term rankings is to spread your web page building and linking efforts out over a longer period of time and avoiding super concentrated periods of extreme effort.

I was just writing an email reply to an Article Underground member who let me in on his page building and linking efforts. He was excited and was really going for it! I give him credit for being so enthusuiastic, but I got the feeling he may have been over doing it. I have learned that sometimes enthusiasm can blind one from making good common sense judgements such as not revealing patterns that are un-natural.

Article Underground without question offers webmasters and SEO's tremendous power - you can build pages fast with great content and get a lot of links quickly and easily by using the over 100 Article Announcement Blogs that members have access to - but with that power comes some responsibility.

By responsibility, I mean you need to be sensible and try not to put yourself in the position of doing things too rapidly or in the wrong way which can send off alarm signals to the search engines who don't always appreciate our zeal and enthusiasm the same way we do :'>

We need to balance our efforts and avoid making mistakes. It's easy to do if you know how - so don't worry! It's really very simple when you know the kinds of things that set off alarms.

I thought it'd be a great time to share a few of my articles which are loaded with tips and suggestions on how to do things naturally and avoid commmon search engine penalties.

Good SEO and Breaking the Patterns!

Link Text Tip: Breaking Patterns and Keeping Natural

Search Engine Optimzation can have a negative impact

Avoid Patterns and Use Variety in Your Link Text!

I hope you can read them! Those articles should help you stay on the right track!

Best wishes for marketing success! Mike Liebner


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