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SEO Changes in 2008. Info for Web Publishers

Hi it's Mike Liebner from Article Underground with some great info inspired by a question from an AU member.

Question: Some of the training you provide on Article Underground goes back year or more. Is the information still viable considering how much the web changes? Can you still make money building web sites that have articles as the content?

Yes! The opprtunities are a s great as ever to earn a living building web sites!

There are many variables - we could discuss this for hours and only scratch the surface and you are right - changes and discoveries happen almost every day! In fact, that is a great reason to be involved with a membership such as Article Underground because you get to interact with all the other members in the private forum. Very often we discover new ideas and learn new tricks from the other members sharing in the forum.

While a lot of techie things seem to change (new refrigerators with navigation systems built in) - a lot has NOT changed and may possibly never change.

One thing that may never change is that real content web pages with lots of good valuable words on them will always be of value to the search engines because their mission is to show relevant pages when people are looking for things. Sure - videos are the buzz now - but people still love to read!

Google will always rank real content web pages on top that deliver the valuable content that people want. If you can build sites with good "real content" pages that have lots of good related keywords then Google will like - you will do very well. Now there is more to it of course and that's where the AU membership will help you, such as with getting lots of good quality text links with the right keyword phrases! You still need good text links to rank on top and get traffic!

Can you still earn a good living as a web publisher??? YES!

As for monetary figures and earning potential - the 15 cents used in the Article Underground video on possible earnings as a web publisher was a guestimate based on a very modest level of success - there is no exact figure per page that you should count on - earnings will vary.

How much will you make??? Only time and effort will tell that answer but it is possible. People are doing it! AU members are claiming top rankings and doing very well. It's dicussed in the private forum all the time!

How much should you expect per web page per day on average???

Only you can answer that!

A1 Business Articles

Simply put up soime sites and build lots of pages and get links pointing at them! Then after 30 to 60 days simply average the profits per page by adding up all your sales and commissions and dividing by the number of pages you have and in that case - .15 cents per day is a real attainable goal that many people can achieve if they keep doing the right things!

That is a very LOW estimate - .15 cents per page is very modest to shoot for. Many people make much more than that. Consider the 1 or 2 page web sites that simply have a sales letter and sell hundreds or even thousands of dollars of products per day! Also good article sites with real valuable content have repeat visitors and traffic from word of mouth. These sites grow over time as people find what they want and try again in the future. So a lot of the techniques to achieve this level of success are things that have always worked - ie - provide value - give people what they want - keep giving people reasons to come back etc.

As for earnings potential - has it changed over the years??? I think you can earn as much as ever if you do the right things and do them often! Sure, it may be true that Adsense tm is not paying out as much as in the past - but still there are many ways to earn money - lots of them with far more potential than earning "click money"> Sell products or promote affiliate products. Some of them pay really well compared to the 5 or 10 or 20 cent clicks from PPC.

Think about it - if you sell a product for which you get a $4.00 commission and it only takes a few page views to make that sale - you'll make far more than 15 cents per day - but reality is that not every page will MAKE MONEY - so you must watch stats and see which ones do and then try to clone those winning concepts

15 cents a day is very conservative - if you have a site that is moderately successful - it should not be hard to get enough Adsense clicks or affiliate sales to make you an average of 15 cents a day


site with 400 pages - 400 x .15 = $60. per day

In the case of the $4.00 commission - you need to sell 15 of them per day (with 400 pages indexed youshould be able to do that!)

In the case of a $20. commission you only need to sell 3 of them to hit 60 per day...

One day you may sell NONE but another day you may sell 6 - in the end it should add up - over a month it will average to a number - hoepfully more than .15 per page per day - but you never really know - there are so many variables.

But to answer your question - it is still possible to make a good living building web sites with articles as content. YES!

You just keep improving your web sites and pages until you get some level of success going

Some sites will make it - other sites will be duds - but if you throw enough out there you will hit some that will be successful - just keep improving and keep at it - the numbers will add up

Now - keep in mind - to make money - you MUST have things on your web pages that people will buy or click - if you have crap ads on your pages you will never make a penny.

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