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Product Pimping (of relevance of course!)

I'm here to inform you of a truly relevant product for article marketers and a price increase alert!

I usually don't spend time pimping someone elses product, but this will be an exception as this killer product is a perfect tie-in with the articles from the Article Underground Content & Traffic System. It's a time sensitive offer and important you read this now as the price is going up very soon!

I just bought my own copy of Rapid Niche Websites and wanted to give you an opportunity to get it yourself at the discounted launch price, as it will be going up from $147. to $197. at Midnight on May 7th.

And I think you'll agree that after you look at the product information and watch the video tutorials you'll find Rapid Niche Websites makes building unique niche web sites much easier!

Even at the higher price it will save time and money!

This new HTML Editor/Dreamweaver Alternative helps beginners and pros alike build attractive SEO friendly niche websites fast using Wordpress blogs! These sites are perfect for Adsense, affiliate and article marketing! In fact they are perfect to use with Article Underground articles (or any other articles) with features that make setting up fresh unique niche web sites a breeze!

Stop wasting time! Do the things that make you more money instead of tinkering around or searching for the perfect way to get started! Get started now!

Sound familiar???

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I strive to inspire Article Underground members to stop wasting time on the little things, and this program helps you do exactly that! No more tedious design work in Dreamweaver, or tweaking away at the Wordpress Themes. You can get lost just trying to make a simple font change! No more!

Rapid Niche Websites is a huge timesaver that will help you crank out good looking blogs in record time!

But is it good to use a blog to publish articles??? YES!

I often get emails and questions from members asking whether they can use the articles in a Wordpress blog! The answer of course is YES and now even more so as Rapid Niche Websites will allow you to make a unique, attractive, professionally designed and customized blog for your niche domain or sub-domain and quickly and easily help you set up header graphics, color schemes and more, all without ever having to tinker with CSS style sheets!

It's no secret - search engines love blogs because of the beautiful internal linking structure and clever use of php to generate dynamic page content, such as recent articles and ever changing category pages. Blogs are hot for a reason! Blogs save us time from building sites with those kind of features from the ground up!

I'll spare you a long sales pitch other than to say I think you should visit the web site NOW and scroll all the way down the page to the video tutorials (they are 3/4 down the sales page). The sales copy is a bit long and wordy, so just skip the sales copy - take my word - jump down to the 4 videos and watch them - you'll see first hand how easy it is to customize a word press blog and set it up to dominate with your articles!

If you are like me - you'll snatch it up without thinking twice!

Well, that's it! That's all you need to know! See it for yourself the features and benefits of Rapid Niche Websites and save that FIFTY BUCKS by beating the deadline!

You'll kick yourself if you miss the deadline and it goes up in price because you'll still want to buy it, even at the higher price.

Best wishes for happy and successful article marketing!

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Mike Liebner

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