What is N26 Bank?

N26 is an online bank account used as an alternative to traditional banks. It’s especially useful for people who travel a lot and for those doing business in multiple currencies. N26 is also a fully licensed bank that guarantees the safety and services of regular banks.

You can make free transactions in many currencies through your N26 account. The self-employed and freelancers favor this application as well.

Signing up for this bank account is also quite easy and doesn’t require paperwork. It offers three different account options and one of them is completely free.

Find how to sign up for an N26 account, certain benefits, and the account options in more detail below.

Key Features

  • The N26 app enables transfers in 19 currencies
  • Withdrawing money from ATMs is free up to five times a month
  • It comes with a free MasterCard debit card and a free Maestro card
  • You can withdraw Euros from any ATM in the world via your N26 Mastercard. You can even withdraw any currency from any ATM for free if you have a paid account
  • No annual fee is required for your credit card
  • The N26 website and the mobile app are in English. You can receive customer support in English as well
  • Other languages like French, Spanish, Italian, and German are available
  • It’s integrated into Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • You can send or request money easily
  • Login is quite secure including “Touch ID” or fingerprint authorization
  • You can arrange your withdrawal and payment limits
  • You can check your finances through spending statistics with automatic categorization.
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Different Account Options and Fees

The N26 Standard account is free to open. You can withdraw Euros from any ATM for free through this option. Also, it allows you to make payments in any currency for free.

N26 You is another option charging €9,90 per month. You can make free ATM withdrawals

worldwide in any currency. Payments are also free worldwide in any currency. It also offers an insurance package for travelers.

The third option is N26 Metal. It charges €16,90 per month. It includes all features of N26 You. Besides, there’s dedicated customer support and customized unique services.

How To Sign Up for an N26 Account

To be able to open an N26 account, you need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a compatible smartphone with a working camera
  • Have a supported ID. Requirements for supported IDs differ depending on each country. You can find the list on N26’s website.
  • Verify yourself in one of these languages: English, Spanish, German, French, or Italian.
  • Be a resident of one of the following countries: Germany, USA, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and Liechtenstein.
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You first need to download the mobile app and confirm your email. Then, confirm personal details and address, and choose one of those accounts described above. You’ll prove your identity through a video chat and by sending pictures of your documents.

You can receive your bank card by post in just a few days.

Bank transfer is available to top up your new N26 account.

Pros and Cons

Pros and cons can arise depending on your condition. However, if you frequently make transactions in different currencies, it has many advantages for you. You can see the n26 review below:


  • Any transaction is possible to be made through the app or online
  • You can receive push notifications on each transaction
  • The account automatically categorizes your transactions. In this way, it becomes easier to find them in the next transactions.
  • It creates customized spending statistics each month
  • Fingerprint login is a safe alternative to a password
  • You can use the privacy mode to hide your account balance while making transactions
  • Requesting money is available through your account
  • You can link your bank account to your N26 account
  • Without carrying your physical card, you can make payments via the app.
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  • Sometimes, some passports may not be supported. In this case, you need to print your document and bring it to the post office
  • The two-factor authentication includes your mobile phone as well. So, not being able to access your phone means not accessing your bank account. It can also happen while trying the desktop website
  • Not many options are available in N26 if you plan an investment
  • It’s only limited to Europe and the US

N26 provides convenience for many people as indicated above. For this reason, millions of users in the world are using this digital bank today.

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