What Is Multi- Account Manager Forex in Trading and How Brokers Work Out

What is an MAM Account?

The abbreviation MAM means Multi-Account Manager. It is also a common trust management system where the trader in charge is able to access funds through special accounts of investors that are at his disposal.

The distinction of PAMM or RAMM accounts lies in the management’s responsibility is enhanced because investors don’t make decisions in this system. The investor simply transfers his funds into a separate account and chooses the level of risk. The manager takes care of all the rest and the MAM account permits him to take advantage of greater leverage.

Therefore, MAM accounts are preferred by those who are risk-averse. In this case, the investor is unable to diversify risk in any way (except for distribution of risk of risk between several MAM accounts); however, the reward from winning a trader’s win will be higher when compared to a traditional PAMM account. Mam forex accounts are simpler to use for investors because they require only a little involvement or attention.

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This kind of account provides an opportunity to increase the complexity level and the potential for short-term gains which is beneficial to both the investors and managers of the account. Find out more about multi-management investment at Wikipedia.

  • MAM accounts were created for professionals and are generally reserved for investors with high tolerance to risk that require an extensive knowledge of the market and trading practices.
  • Multi Accounts allows configuration to the specifics applying the percent allocation technique, with the ability to alter the risks of every sub-account depending on the preferences and risk profiles.
  • Master Account manage and execute trading on all accounts without limitation to huge orders and fast. It is crucial to select a reputable broker and to use the most regulated forex brokers to ensure a secure security and environment.

If you’re planning to begin trading forex then you’ll have to locate the most suitable broker that includes all the features that will meet your needs and expectations. This usually means you’ll have to look at the currencies that it has and how simple the trading system operates, and the amount you’ll need to put down to begin trading.

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While doing so it is common to not examine the bonuses and promotions that brokers offer. They are useful because they offer additional money to use in trading. This improves your odds of earning a profit. In the end who doesn’t want to get something at no cost?

With that in mind, in this post we’ll take a look at the promotional offers and bonus offers that RoboForex gives in greater depth.

Does RoboForex Offer Forex Bonuses?

It’s crucial to note that certain promotions remain in effect for the duration of time and others are available periodically. It’s therefore always important to go to RoboForex’s promotions section to be certain you are able to benefit from at any time.

With this in mind, we’ll take a closer look at some of the latest promotions and bonuses in greater depth.

Can You Redraw Your Deposit Bonus from RoboForex?

RoboForex bonus withdrawals are permitted after you have met certain requirements for volume of trading. At present, the conditions are that you must attain a trading volume that is the same as the value of your bonus multiplied by two. If, for instance, you’ve been awarded a bonus to trade worth $200, you’ll need to attain a quantity in the range of 100 tons.

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In the meantime your deposit and bonus will be locked and you’ll be able only withdraw the money you earn.

Can You Redraw Your Welcome Bonus from RoboForex?

You won’t be able to cash out your welcome reward. However, you will like we said earlier be able to cash out the profits you earn while trading using this welcome offer.

Can You Redraw the Bonus on Profit Shares?

RoboForex no deposit bonus withdrawal is available through the promotion called Profit Share Bonus after you have met certain requirements for trading volume. The current requirement is to attain a trading volume equivalent to the amount you’ve received as bonuses, divided by two. So if you’ve received a bonus that is $300 the volume of your trading must exceed 150 lots before being allowed to withdraw the money.

If you don’t reach this trading quantity, you’ll be permitted to withdraw your gains as well as the money you’ve put in without profit share bonuses.

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