What Are the Most Popular Games on the Web?

Ever since smartphones were developed, people spend a lot of their time on their phones compared to any other device. This is why developers saw it as a great opportunity to develop games that participants could play on their phones, including casino online games. Once the games were finally developed, the developers noticed that online gaming had more players, all you need to have as a player is a fast internet connection, and you will be playing your games from anywhere.

When you get your favorite game, and you download it, you can play it during meetings or during lunch breaks or when going home since gaming is a great way to unwind and relax your mind. The games found online are so many that you could find it hard to choose what you want, but the advantage is that you can play as many games as you want at once as long as you have enough space on your phone or laptop. Another great thing about online gaming is that you don’t need a lot to get started; all you need is your brain, your phone, your laptop and your fingers and fast internet.

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Some of the most played tournaments on the web including;


This tournament is a hyper-engaging fantasy-inspired, multiplayer online role-playing tournament with many participants. The main aim of this particular sport is to assist kids with their math problems, and it improves their aptitudes and boosts their morale. For the game, you are a young wizard who explores the prodigy world by participating in epic pursuits and battling bosses. To win, you have to answer some mathematical questions that adapt to your math level. Each trial you finish, you are a step closer to unlocking endless magic and mystery.


The powerline.io is an advanced game of the snake game that you used to play on your Nokia phone when you were young. For this game, you will be participating with other neon snakes, unlike the old game where the focus was on one particular neon snake. When playing this game, you are using the same techniques where you have to beam across the field to consume the cubes arising when the other snake dies and grows longer.

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Make sure you don’t bump onto other snakes because you will be turned into cubes meaning you have lost, and you have to start afresh. To increase your speed, slither alongside other snakes.


Nobrakes.io is a multiplayer racing tournament where you have to reach certain checkpoints to acquire a full advantage with powerups that will either stimulate your speed or slow you down. When you look at it in this manner, the games seem very simple, but once you realise that this is not a conventional game, you will know that it is not as simple as you thought. One thing that makes this game hard is that you can be on the front line, and then checkpoints pop up behind you and make you lose the game. So always be ready for anything.


QWOP is not a game like any other; in this particular game, you have to control the calves and thighs of a hapless track runner. The game’s main aim is to make sure you move forward without falling, which is quite difficult. This particular game is hard, and you need to use all your senses to accomplish a win in this particular game. Though it’s a fun game, you will enjoy playing no matter how often you fall.

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Threes is a numerical puzzle game that resembles sudoku. For this game, you need to know where to move so that the numbers correspond; you will either have to move right, left or up and down. The game is to understand but very hard to master. It would help if you concentrated a lot when playing this game to match the numbers correctly. It would help stack as many tiles as possible since new ones are produced in each turn. Make sure the board doesn’t get full because if it does, your game ends, and you will wait for your final score.


There are many games found on the web, and the ones discussed above are just a glimpse of what you will find when searching for online games to play. You can carry out more research on the games above if any have caught your eye; if not, you can search for other games you feel you will be able to play.

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