Reduce The Need For Managerial Oversight with A Time Clock App

Using an online time clock app could change the way your teams are managed within your company. It can even help owners run a store more efficiently without the need to micromanage. There are so many beautiful benefits of adding this type of program to your company; it is no wonder that it is a growing trend in the business industry.

Many owners will agree that adding an online time clock app has reduced stress, increased profits, and helps employees take accountability for their time worked. It can also help you organize things like employee schedules and make sure payroll is entirely accurate. For a small investment up front, you will end up saving thousands in labor costs and more with a time clock app.

Become a Laid Back Manager With a Time Clock App

As a manager, you have loads of stress. You are responsible for an entire team, sometimes multiple teams, which comes with people from different backgrounds and personal responsibilities. It is easy to micromanage your group, especially if it can affect your workday. However, switching to an online time clock app can help relieve some of this responsibility, and here is how.

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Shift Schedules

Every month, as the manager, you will be able to go into your online timecard system and send out the schedule. In the system, you will see who has requested days off, how many sick days someone has used, and any other restrictions for working.

You will no longer have to ask them about anything as they will be able to add important information directly to the app. There will be no need to investigate or micromanage your employees.

Sending Reminders

The best feature of using online time clock software is that you can send out shift reminders days, weeks, and even months in advance. If you know an employee has a problem remembering a shift, you do not have to call 100 times anymore. You can simply set up extra alerts to go to their phone and send them an email. In fact, the time keeper app can allow you to email them for shifts, breaks, vacation time, or even if they’re nearing overtime.

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It can also work oppositely. If an employee never comes in, or something happens, you will be alerted. That is when you may have to call. But, if the employee is just five minutes late, you will be alerted of that as well, and you won’t need to ask why unless you need to.

Accountability in Employees

When the entire team knows that everyone can clearly and openly see the schedule, it creates an open environment where everyone takes responsibility for their shifts. The minute they clock on, they will know the manager can see how productive one is in a shift, and they know the owners can see precisely who works the hardest or has productivity issues. When a team knows their time is well accounted for, it leads to improved productivity and, in turn, increased profits.

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Reducing Stress

There is nothing more stressful than running an unorganized team. By using a time clock app, you can ensure that everything is on the same page and that communication is open between you and everyone else.

This will help your team mentally prepare for the days they have to work and help you focus on other, more critical tasks to run the business. Using a cloud-based time clock can help increase profits, reduce labor costs, and more.

Final Thoughts

A time and attendance app could be the best decision and investment for your business. Anything that helps day to day operations become smoother is a business necessity. This could change your company’s morale and make work a fun space when everyone knows what is going on. The most stressful thing is when someone doesn’t show up, and you don’t understand why. This time clock app takes all of those questions away and leaves answers.

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