How to Turn Your Instagram Stories from Zero to Hero

When all you need is to create amazing Instagram stories, all you need is to see why first and then how. The great news is that you don’t need to be a pro in the story game, you just need to have started with the basic information and the way you grow into making some amazing stories, the journey of learning and donning incredible story attire for your IG account will come into it naturally. But why go through all the hustle? We are here to provide you with the success roadmap for your Instagram stories that can elevate your business or followers just like that. Plus, you can try applications like Storiesdown to see what your competitor is doing with their stories. Interesting though?

So, without further ado, let’s get into knowing what makes your stories wow material.

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Cut the time in half by using the trending hashtags

Templates can make your work a lot easier when you are stuck in the design factor and confused about where to place the exact image, text, icon, or even video.

It might be hard to see a visual representation of an idea that is still in your mind and while making stories, you land on a template that truly delivers the essence of your thought. And that’s where we all love using templates. There are so many free applications that can be used on desktop and mobile to make Instagram stories. You can structure your stories, edit them, and add your favorite sounds and songs and the options are endless.

Here’s what you can start your IG story game with;

Be consistent when it comes to using templates

With amazing template collections, it can be so overwhelming to go with a new template every time. But using a different color theme and structure for your brand or business will seriously compromise your brand’s image. Plus, it will create an impact on your audience to identify your posts. So being consistent is the first key.

Choose complementary fonts and texts that represent your brand

It is always easy to recognize a brand that has a uniform appearance on all the platforms when all the fonts and colors are put together to portray the brand’s identity. In case you don’t find your brand fonts to use on your stories, you can follow these simple steps to go along with the same fonts on your stories;

  • Share your fonts on your phone or to the application you are using for your IG stories.
  • Install the fonts on your phone and then onto the application to use them exactly how they are
  • Once your downloaded fonts are installed in your app or phone you can just navigate to them and use them accordingly.
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Search for stock images and try to make your brand’s image

One of the considerable things on IG stories is the image selection and the way you overlap or use them in your stories. With Over feature you can easily overlay the images of your brand or from the stock images (available on websites like Pexel and Unsplash). Just search for your desired image and add the same domain of stickers to make your stories attractive.

Adding animation can bring life to your stories

Animation is the new king of the Instagram story game. They create an amazing interface for your stories and posts no matter what platform. Plus, if you don’t want to outsource your animation job to a graphic designer, you can use Over’s built-in feature of animations and use them to add a wow factor to your stories in just a few steps and even on a customized template… Amazing, No?

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Using the brand color palette even for your stories

And when you are into making a difference through your stories to your brand by keeping your stories recognizable by using the same templates and fonts etc. then why not color palette?

Sticking to the same color selection as your brand has will give it a more personalized feel and make it easy for your audience to memorize them. And remember – being consistent is the key.

Ending notes

Instagram stories are a true strategy that works for every brand or business if applied efficiently. Once you are ready to put all the pieces of your content together through stories, it’s time, to begin with, planning, creating ideas, scheduling content, and making impressions. Posting regularly will surely bring a positive impact in a few days and you will see your brand growing in no time.

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