How To Profit From The SENS Stock

The Sens Company is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing regenerative medicine.

Sens is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company is working on drugs for age-related diseases.

On September 12, 2002 by Dr. Thomas A. Shea, Jr. and Dr. Robert Langer funded the company that is developing drugs for age-related diseases.

The SENS Company

Age-related diseases are conditions that affect our health as we get older.

While the number of people with these diseases is significant, the majority of the afflicted population (especially in older demographics) have few treatment options.

The SENS Company is working to change that by developing drugs that reverse these age-related conditions.

The following is a summary of the company’s product pipeline as per its website:

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SenSuraTac (galcanezumab)

SenSuraFlex (suntory sotalol)

SenSuraMabThera (initially referred to as FS101)

SenSuraMuthaza (somavaratan)

SenSoriatant (soriatanib)

SenSouvenir (trichostatin A)

Insiders & Institutional Ownership

Insiders and institutional investors own over 60% of the company’s outstanding shares.

What is the Sens Stock Price?

In the past five years, theSens stockprice has been as high as $88.50 and as low as $18.00.

It is currently trading at $36.52, which gives the company a stock price of 2.74. The Sens stock price has increased almost 5% in the past year.

Investors can use a graph to view the price trend:

How To Trade The Sens Stock Price

If you can buy a stock at a price above its 100-day moving average (at $36.52) and are trading above its 50-day moving average (at $33.53), you can use this level as a target.

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Take a risk. The risk is that this level will be broken.

At least 100 days will pass before the stock price is above $34.92.

The risk is that you could buy a stock at a price below $34.92 and lose money. Because of this SENS is one of thebest stocks to buy now.

How to buy Sens Stock?

SENS stockis currently trading for $2.99 a share, but closed at $3.13 on December 16. The shares were priced at $3.15 just before their March IPO, but they have plunged from those heights.

This is a concentrated position with a large risk profile. There is virtually no analyst coverage on this small-cap stock. The consensus price target is $1.96 a share.

Trading volume is light. It was only 57,000 shares yesterday and only 240 in the past month.

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SENS is a highly speculative stock.

How To Profit From The SENS Stock

Sens’ main drug candidate is STING agonist agalsidase alfa.

STING is a transcription factor. It controls the activities of three genes that are responsible for autoimmune disease.

These genes are NOS1, NOS2A and NOS2B. Agalsidase alfa is a modified form of agalsidase alfa.

The main components are rearranged, which improves the drug’s efficiency.

The company has one Phase 1/2a trial completed. It had an acceptable safety profile in healthy volunteers. It then had three Phase 1/2a trials completed.

It was administered to six healthy subjects. In the first two trials, the results showed that it was well tolerated. Unfortunately, one subject experienced a Grade 2 allergic reaction. The other subjects experienced severe side effects.

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