Knowinghow to make aqualityinfographiccan be very useful in all kinds of fields. These types of creatives are the perfect way to explain simply and understandably anything we can imagine such as presentation folder or business cards.It is perfect for sharing information on social networks, emails or articles and posts. But we can also use it in theofflineenvironment; to print posters for our business or as a way to present all kinds of projects.

The best thing about infographics is that we can use them to communicate everything that comes to mind before we proceed further for bulk poster printing. We just have to find a way to visually represent something that we would normally explain in words. It is as “simple” as putting our creativity to work.How?In this post, we will tell you!

In this article we will explain what an infographic is, we will give you tips to make it and we will recommend the best websites and tools so that you can start working as soon as possible.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is thegraphic representation of informationthat allows everyone to understand it at a glance. In other words, it is a visual tool that uses maps, tables, drawings, graphics, etc. toexplain complex issues simply and understandably.

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By using these types of creatives, we make it possible for anyone to receive what we want to tell them much faster than in writing. Also,most people tend to remember more what they have seen graphicallythan what they have read or heard. For this reason, these types of creatives are very present in posters and in the design of flyers.

Printing in Ottawa can findmany types of infographics, if we want to learn how to do them well, we must know what they can be uses and how to classify them according to these.

We mainly distinguish three types of infographics based on their intention:

  • Commercial: These are those that explain the properties and/or conditions of a product, service or promotion. For example, imagine you have a brewery and you serve several types of beers; Instead of explaining in your text or word the differences between an IPA, an Ale and a Stout, you can create an infographic in which you can quickly see the ingredients, alcohol levels, approximate calories …
  • Storytelling: As the name suggests, they tell a story. Its objective is to create bonds and generate an emotional response. For example, they are a perfect option to visually tell the story of your company.
  • Educational: The objective is to make the user understand complex information in a much simpler way. They are perfect to accompany highly specialized content.
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These creatives are very useful although you have to know how to do them well. As we explained, the objective is to explain something long or complex in a simple way, which is why an important “translation” task must be carried out. Here are sometips on how to make an infographic by following these steps:

  1. Choose the topic: It is important that what we are going to discuss is concrete enough to be able to condense it into a single design without saturating. For example, if you are going to accompany a text, focus only on a specific section. Remember that you can always create several infographics on the same topic. Some topics that work very well are the illustration of types, data, characteristics, etc.
  2. Organize your ideas: Think about everything you want to tell and how it is organized. Take the opportunity to discard anything that is not very relevant or that is not interesting.
  3. Make a sketch: This is a perfect way to check if everything you want to include will fit in and a good starting point before you start designing
  4. Start designing: At this point we recommend paying close attention to the contrast between all the colours you use and always opt for a clear and understandable font.
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Better websites and tools

You don’t need to know how to use design tools like Photoshop to Illustrator in order to make visual and attractive infographics. Being such a useful form of communication,you can find a lot of free tools online. We tell you which are four of our favourites:

  • Timeline: This tool is perfect for storytelling. It allows you to create interactive timelines to which you can add text and images.
  • Piktochart: Possibly one of the best free tools for creating infographics. It has a long list of templates and resources such as icons, various fonts, etc. Also, you can export it in various formats and sizes for printing.
  • Infogram: It is a bit more difficult to use than the previous two but it is very useful on a professional level to create attractive reports. The most useful thing about this tool is that you can include a data table to represent it directly.
  • Visualizeme: A very useful and fun tool that allows you to create a highly visual infographic of your resume.
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