How to Get Rid of Netflix Throttling

If you regularly watch Netflix, you probably already know that the service is a fantastic way to watch all the most recent TV episodes and movies on demand in HD quality. On Streamingrant, you can find out more details about online streaming services, TV series, movies, and all the most recent news.

However, some users complain that Netflix is extremely slow and that the loading times for the broadcasts are excessive. You might discover that you must wait for a long time for a show to start streaming or that your stream is cut off or canceled amidst streaming which is really annoying.

Throttling, or the limiting of your internet connection’s bandwidth to a slower pace, is one of the causes of this slowdown.

For instance, there was a recent uproar in the US regarding Verizon, a service provider, intentionally restricting the amount of bandwidth available to its Netflix-using customers, causing their connections to be sluggish and their broadcasts to be unreliable.

Netflix’s bandwidth has been limited by other internet service providers, which has caused many users to encounter difficulties when attempting to view their programmes or movies.

The origin of this issue is discussed below, along with instructions on how to stop Netflix from throttling.

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How to check whether your ISP is throttling Netflix

Before we can fix the issue if your Netflix streams are loading too slowly, we must first identify the issue. Checking to see if your ISP is throttling your access to Netflix is the first step towards solving the problem.

This occurs when you frequently visit load-heavy websites, like Netflix or YouTube, and your ISP artificially restricts the amount of bandwidth you have access to in order to prevent you from using too much data.

This is incredibly aggravating, especially if you have an ISP service that technically offers unlimited internet access. You should be able to use the internet as much as you want since you paid for unlimited access, right?

There are two distinct kinds of throttling that are possible in this situation

  • The amount of bandwidth you have access to when visiting a certain website may be restricted by your ISP.

In this instance, viewing most websites will give you full speed, but trying to access Netflix will only provide you a little amount of bandwidth and substantially slower rates. We can fix this by following the steps listed below.

  • Your ISP may throttle your whole connection, making each website you visit slow.

This typically occurs if you use the internet excessively or if your bandwidth limit has been reached. Unless you can convince your ISP to relax the throttle, you cannot resolve this issue.

So how do you identify the kind of throttling you are going through? Netflix developed their own programme to check your internet connection back in 2016, which is helpful.

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You can go to to see your Netflix connection’s speed in megabits per second right now (Mbps). Although you can use this website regardless of whether you have a Netflix subscription, it demonstrates the speed at which you can get data from those servers.

Next, you can visit to learn more about your connection speed and get a more thorough view of it. This test measures how quickly you can connect to a nearby random server.

Making Use of a VPN to Avoid Throttling

If you know your internet connection is strong but your ISP is unnecessarily slowing down your access to Netflix? Well, if you want to stream videos, you don’t have to put up with interminable buffering and dropped connections. By using a secure VPN, you can enforce the use of a full bandwidth connection.

A VPN encrypts every bit of data you transmit over your internet connection, preventing anyone, not even your ISP, from seeing the websites you are visiting.

Throttling can also be avoided by using a VPN. This is due to the fact that your ISP throttles your connection based on the website you are now viewing. The restrictions will be applied, and your connection will be delayed if you are on certain websites, such as Netflix.

There Are Other Issues That Could Make Netflix Load Slowly

Your cache is loaded

When you watch a movie online, the process involves downloading small chunks of the video to your computer (into the cache), where you may then play the content. You download the video in sections, and your video player will hold off on playing the content until it has access to enough of it on your computer.

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Your Hardware is Out of Specification

Very old hardware is another issue that can interfere with video playback. Your computer’s or laptop’s processor is probably out of date if it is older than five years. The conversion of a digital stream into a watchable video demands a substantial amount of processing power, especially for high-definition videos. A hardware issue may be present if your video streams frequently stutter, freeze, or crash.

The remote server is having trouble

There may be an issue on the other end as a final explanation for why your streams are not functioning properly. Although the Netflix website is generally trustworthy and stable, this does not mean that it is never unavailable.

There may be a problem with the Netflix server if your connection to the service frequently drops or if you suddenly experience sluggish speeds. You can examine the condition of the server at the other end of your connection if you believe it might be the problem.


This article has investigated a variety of possible underlying causes to Netflix throttling. You can examine the current problems and check on a specific factor.

These approaches or methods may enable you to view Netflix without interruption or annoying buffering. I sincerely hope that this information will be helpful to you and has assisted in resolving your Netflix throttling issue.

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