How can automated calls software be used to gain more sales for legal businesses?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses across various industries are constantly searching for innovative ways to enhance customer engagement and generate more sales. The legal industry is no exception. With the advent of technology, legal firms are finding new avenues to connect with potential clients and streamline their processes. Phone calls are often seen as an object of the past and thus are often overlooked in companies’ lead-generation strategies. In this article, we delve into how calls can be a valuable source of leads for legal businesses.

Why are phone calls so important in the legal business?

Phone calls provide a unique opportunity to offer personalized consultations to potential clients. Through calls, legal advisors engage in active listening to thoroughly understand clients’ legal needs. By tailoring their advice and demonstrating their expertise, legal advisors build trust and increase the likelihood of conversion. In the legal realm, time is often of the essence. Phone calls enable advisors to provide prompt responses to inquiries, assuring clients that their concerns are a priority.

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This rapid assistance can differentiate a firm and lead to faster decision-making.

According to FindLaw research, 72% of legal customers connect with potential attorneys via phone, and 64% of customers who hire an attorney contact only one attorney.

This means that law firms should facilitate telephone contact and make sure that this contact is made as soon as possible—before the potential client gets tired of waiting and connects with another law firm.

How can phone contact be facilitated?

Ensuring that potential clients can easily connect with your law firm over the phone can significantly impact the success of your business. Here are several strategies to seamlessly facilitate phone contact:

  • List your legal business on Google Maps, and emphasize your phone number in the listing.
  • Display a noticeable phone number on the top menu of your website.
  • Add a phone number extension to your Google Ads campaigns.
  • Simplify phone dialing on mobile devices using click-to-call HTML.
  • Leverage click-to-call software to improve phone handling and boost website conversion rates.

Understanding click-to-call software

Click-to-call widget is like a pop-up widget you can add to your business website. It has a few helpful attributes that can make phones work better for your legal business. Here are some of them:

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Pop-Up Encouragement

While putting your phone number on your site’s menu helps visitors call you, click-to-call software does more. It uses a pop-up window with messages you can customize to encourage potential customers to contact you. By using scoring rules, you can boost your website’s conversion rate. For example, click-to-call software can show the pop-up to people who might leave your site otherwise. This smart trick can help turn more visitors into clients.

Instant Phone Connectivity

Click-to-call software provides an automatic phone callback feature. When someone enters their phone number on your website, the system automatically connects them to your legal consultant, front desk, or any other designated department. This ensures that incoming calls swiftly reach the appropriate employees on your site. Quick handling of inquiries from potential clients increases the likelihood of their choosing your services.

After-Hours Mode

Many potential clients check your website in the afternoon, but your office might be closed by then. This could mean they have to wait until the next day to get in touch, and they might find another law firm in the meantime. With click-to-call software, customers can request a callback for a different time, like the next day or a few days later, when they’re free to talk. This means that your website can capture leads 24/7.

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Call Management System

Every call initiated through click-to-call software is stored in the admin panel, where you can organize numbers and attach notes and tags. Furthermore, you can access call statistics and recordings. This feature is especially useful if your team handles phone conversations. If you use a different CRM, you can even integrate the click-to-call to keep all your contacts in one centralized place.

The legal business landscape in the United States is evolving, and technology continues to play a pivotal role in this transformation. Click-to-call software has emerged as a great tool for legal firms seeking to enhance customer engagement, build trust, and ultimately generate more sales. By providing instant accessibility, personalized interactions, and valuable insights, click-to-call software can improve the way legal professionals connect with potential clients.

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