Gorilla Glue feminized seeds


Are you going ape for Gorilla Glue feminized seeds? It’s one of the most well-known high THC strains, and if you’ve tried these buds, nothing else comes close. This gummy cultivar captivates you with its stunning crystal-like resin and its mind-warping high.

Stick around as we unpack this sought-after strain’s origins, effects, growing tips, and aromatics. We’ll also give you some tips on where to find good-quality seeds and what to look for. Let’s dig in!

What are Gorilla Glue feminized seeds

Gorilla Glue feminized seeds grow into one of the most loved cannabis strains ever made. It’s an acclaimed cultivar, winning two first-place trophies in the Cannabis Cup in 2014 plus an award at the High Times Jamaican World Cup. This potent hybrid has the perfect balance of Sativa and Indica to stone you out of your skull and choke-slam your tensions. Sticky goodness glues to every cell, pumping adrenaline and a rush of happy juice through your veins. The buds are soaked in resin, so much so that Gorilla Glue is named from how sticky it is. The original breeder got his scissors and fingers stuck when trimming.

Going up to 28% in THC, this strain gets you higher than a hippie in a hot air balloon. Psychoactive waves make it an excellent toke for experienced smokers who like tripping hard.

How did Gorilla Glue feminized seeds come to be? The story goes that it happened by a miraculous accident. A hermaphrodite Chem Sister pollinated a Sour Dubble creating a strange plant that the grower quickly removed, saving some seeds for an experiment. The leftover seeds from the accidental plant mixed with Chocolate Diesel created a whimsical masterpiece that everyone wants to try.

When Gorilla Glue seeds are feminized, you’ll get a female plant studded in trichomes from top to bottom, as tinsel draped around a Christmas tree. Thick resin coats envelop the dense buds causing them to look like fluffy balls of cotton. Gorilla Glue feminized seeds grow into humongous plants up to 6 ½ feet high. Strong colas and heavy branches studded with fat buds require the hands of an experienced grower. If you nurture your herbage correctly, a bountiful harvest is on the way.

It’s challenging to find these seeds with stable genetics, but thank your lucky stars if you get your hands on high-quality cannabis seeds. A good place to learn more about the strain is Homegrown Cannabis Co, where you’ll find popular versions, including Gorilla Glue auto feminized seeds.

Effects of Gorilla Glue Feminized

Call your friends to bring some shovels because with Gorilla Glue, you’ll be so high they’ll have to scrape you off the ceiling. No kidding, this is one hard-hitting stone. From the first puff, Gorilla Glue feminized seeds nugs give you an intense buzz, sending strong vibrations dancing around your mind. The high THC knocks you in the head first, silencing any stresses, traumas, or negative thoughts with the heavy cerebral stone.

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Gorilla Glue feminized seeds buds are like the infinity gauntlet of strains—with just one toke, any plans for the day cease to exist. Due to the heavy stone, it’s best for evening use and when you don’t have a timetable involving physical activity. Once the strong cerebral buzz fades, it travels to the rest of your body, tying down every limb and making you unbelievably comfortable. Gorilla Glue feminized seeds develop into plants drowning in sticky resin. After a few puffs, this resin turns you into a statue—frozen limbs and a bright smile take over your being. Your mind is clear, your soul happy, and your body completely relaxed.

One thing is for sure; you won’t be beating your chest like a Gorilla with this hybrid. You’ll be so lazy that even sloths would be jealous of you. It doesn’t couch-lock you; it makes you couch lock yourself—marinating in the pure comfort of being lazy and having nothing to do. The great part is that Gorilla Glue seeds feminized nugs focus and energize your mind once the body stone hits. It’s perfect for enjoying your favourite series or staying focussed while doing relaxing activities.

One unique feature of this cultivar is its psychedelic effects. If you want to see pigs fly or meet aliens, it opens up your mind to endless possibilities. Users who’ve taken large hits report hallucinations, but this is only likely in extremely high doses. As the buzz dies down, your eyes begin to droop, and you’re seconds away from the best sleep of your life. Give in to the seducing buds from Gorilla Glue feminized seeds and hit the hay prepared for an undisturbed rest.

Flavours of Gorilla Glue Feminized

Pungent, skunky smoke lined with hints of wood drag you to the middle of a dew-covered forest. Open your senses to the crisp petrichor scents—earthy, pine, and herbal. Just when you’re getting used to the mild essence, strong wisps of sour cheese and harsh chemicals whip you into submission.

The dank buds from Gorilla Glue feminized seeds pull you back for another puff each time, enticing you with their complex aromatic profile. They get their intense scent and taste from the dominant terpenes, alpha-pinene, and limonene. If you’ve never had a five-star course, now’s your chance. Gorilla Glue has a seductive flavour taking your taste buds on a wild ride. Sour Dubb genes contribute to the lip-smacking tangy taste contrasted by the sweet chocolate.

It’s not just sweet and sour because after the first few puffs, hints of chemicals and gasoline rollover your tastebuds. Think of growing Gorilla Glue seeds feminized as nurturing grapes for fine wine. This strain easily entertains the taste buds like exquisite wines with an intense depth of flavour.

How to Germinate Gorilla Glue feminized seeds

Germination is a crucial step for all flora. If it goes wrong, wave goodbye to your dream garden. The good news is Gorilla Glue feminized seeds are simple to germinate.

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There are many germination methods with varying success rates. You must choose one that ensures most of your seeds are ready for planting.

The paper towel method has a high success rate and is popular for growers of all levels. As a bonus, it’s also incredibly easy to do. Here’s how you can try this technique when growing anything from Gorilla Glue auto feminized seeds to a bed of roses:

You’ll need:

  • Two paper towels
  • A plate
  • Water


  1. Dampen the paper towels—ensure they’re not soaked.
  2. Put one of the paper towels onto the plate.
  3. Place the seeds on top of the plate.
  4. Cover the seeds with the second paper towel.
  5. Ensure there’s no excess water trapped underneath.
  6. Leave it in a dark place, regularly checking that it doesn’t dry up.
  7. Check within 24-120 hours for taproots.

It doesn’t get simpler than the glass of water method if you want to be as minimalist as possible. It has an average success rate, but it’s popular because it’s just too easy. Here’s how to do it:

You’ll need:

  • A glass
  • Water


  1. Fill a glass halfway with water around 71°F
  2. Toss the seeds in the water.
  3. Wait 3-5 days for the seeds to open up.
  4. Once you see shoots, get ready to plant.

More information about growing Gorilla Glue feminized seeds

When Gorilla Glue seeds are feminized, you won’t have to pick out males, which can be time-consuming and risky. Always look for all females to get only bud-bearing beauties with no interference. It does well in a warm, Mediterranean climate with temperatures between 68- 79 ℉ and relative humidity around 40-50%. If planting outdoors, ensure you give the flora sufficient time; it should be ready for harvest in mid-October. You can expect a bounty of approximately 21-23 oz per plant outdoors.

When growing gorilla Glue feminized seeds indoors, it’s easy to control the climate but hard to maintain the large stature of this herb. Keep a bucket of scissors ready because cutting through this resin-drenched plant is like cutting bubblegum out your hair—a sticky situation. An average height of 6 feet means you’ll need serious space consideration. Low-stress training techniques like the Sea of Green (SOG) method keep the height in check and create plump buds from top to bottom. Indoors around 15-20 oz. /sqm of gorilla-sized buds are yours for the taking.

Gorilla Glue feminized seeds have excellent resistance towards pests and mould thanks to their strong genes. Any growing medium works well, including soil and hydroponics. These herbs are hungry, so hydro grows extra juicy buds, but it’s difficult to trim with this medium.

Feed your plants well, prune regularly, use LST techniques, and in 8-9 weeks, you’ll have a huge harvest of big, fat buds dripping with resin. Keep your eyes peeled because this majestic plant has a flaw; it may develop hermie sacks. That’s no surprise since Gorilla Glue feminized seeds are the result of accidental hermaphroditic pollination.

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When nurturing Gorilla Glue feminized seeds, be mindful that it releases a pungent marijuana scent, especially when it flowers. Using a carbon filter or odour neutralizer helps but don’t expect to mask the smell of this powerful aroma completely. It grows bigger at a rapid pace; you’ll have to prepare for regular pruning. This resin-coated plant can pose a challenge for beginners. Gorilla Glue seeds feminized are best for moderate to advanced growers who know LST techniques, pruning methods, and how to care for such a sticky plant.

Gorilla Glue feminized seeds genetics

Gorilla Glue feminized seeds are proof that good things can come from mistakes. These famous buds sparked a golden era for medical-use cannabis. Thanks to their resin-dense nugs, it was all the buzz for medicinal use at the time.

Surprisingly, such a masterpiece is the result of an accident. An unintended affair created an unusual plant found to be the result of a Chem Sister and Sour Dubb. The seeds from this plant mixed with Chocolate Diesel created a threesome that changed the weed game. The perfect mix of genes formed a balanced hybrid leaning slightly towards the Indica side, which explains its bushy nature. Gorilla Glue feminized seeds also grow tall thanks to the Sativa blend.

Gorilla Glue seeds feminized develop into a plant that undoubtedly gets its beauty from its parents. The resin coat is so thick; it looks like it’s growing snowballs. Extremely potent, just like its powerful family tree, this monster boasts a THC range of 26-28%.

Where to Buy Gorilla Glue feminized seeds

Ready to get your hands sticky? All growers desire Gorilla Glue feminized seeds because it’s a generous plant with an excellent reputation. Thanks to its popularity, you can find versions of this strain in many stores but finding the original genetic mix is rare.

Purchasing at dispensaries is a possibility, but you may require a medicinal card or face high prices. Online stores generally have Gorilla Glue seeds feminized and other variants easily available. Purchasing online is convenient, affordable and you don’t need to provide unnecessary personal information.

If you’re looking to purchase online, ensure you check for these three things:

  • Stable genetics
  • American company
  • Associations with reputable organizations

There’s one American company that ticks all three boxes. They’re called Homegrown Cannabis Co, and they stock all kinds of popular and unique cannabis seeds. This reputable online store is associated with big names like Kyle Kushman and has partnered with the Veterans Cannabis Coalition.

You’ll be stuck to Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue feminized seeds are an excellent investment for all growers; it’s a huge plant overflowing with buds draped in white resin. Once you try this strain, you won’t look back like most people who’ve fallen in love with its award-winning effects.

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on top-quality Gorilla Glue seeds from a trustworthy store and grow a Guerilla army of potent buds. Never settle for a mediocre high again! Go Gorilla or go home.

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