First Impressions Count: How to Make Your Business Premises Look Amazing

When it comes to business, first impressions count. If you want to make a good impression on potential customers, you need to make sure that your premises look amazing. The exterior of your building is the first thing that people see, so it’s important to put some thought into making it look great. Here are some tips for making your business premises look amazing!

If you run a business, the chances are that you focus mostly on the product or service you sell, and making it as good as it can be. While this is the core of your business and it’s extremely important, there are many other aspects of a business that need your focus too. One of these is making sure that the exterior of your building looks great. After all, a well-maintained and attractive premises can help to draw customers in and make them trust your brand.

So what are the key things you need to think about to ensure your business premises looks great?

The Building Itself

The first step is to make sure that the building itself looks good. This means ensuring that it is in good condition and that any repairs are made quickly. This also means ensuring that the paintwork is up-to-date, and if necessary, investing in a new coat of paint to make it look fresh. Look at your business with a critical eye on a regular basis to assess how it really looks. Most people just get used to the buildings they walk into without looking at them properly. Also search online to see what photos have been uploaded of your premises to review websites, to get an idea of how your business looks in the cold light of day.

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The Parking Lot

The parking lot is also a key area of your business premises. This should be kept neatly paved, free from debris and weeds, and free from potholes. Work with an asphalt repair company if you need any repairs to be made. Asphalt repair is not only a cost-effective measure, but it will also make sure that people don’t have to dodge potholes when entering or leaving the parking lot. All of this could affect your customers’ impressions of your business, and your brand overall. Also think about how you can optimize your parking lot to make it more attractive and inviting for customers; for example, adding trees and flower beds can give it a feeling of calm.

The Landscaping

Another important element is landscaping. Having a good landscape design is vital for creating an attractive environment outside your business premises. Think about how to make the area more inviting and use plants and trees to bring it to life. Adding colorful flower beds is a great way of bringing color and making the space look cheerful, while adding trees adds a sense of grandeur and stature. Adding hanging baskets to the building front can also create a wonderful, vibrant impression – so do this too if you have the budget and this look fits with your brand.

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Company Signage

A great way of making sure that your brand is clearly visible and recognizable is to have an eye-catching company sign. This should be placed in a prominent position at the entrance to your business premises, with good visibility from the street. It should be easy to read and distinctive so that customers know exactly who they are dealing with. Think about investing in a sign that is illuminated or made from materials that stand out, such as metal, illuminated plastic, or wood. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your company signage and branding is up-to-date and in good condition; if the paint is starting to peel, it’s time to order a replacement.


Consider adding lighting to your business premises. This can make the area more inviting at night, and it can also help to create a sense of security. Well-lit areas outside your building can make people feel more comfortable, especially in the dark winter months. You can choose to have lighting on the walls of your building or around the outside, both of which can look great and help people to easily identify your company. Clever use of up-lighting can also make your building look really attractive when it’s dark.

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General Maintenance

Make sure that you regularly maintain all aspects of your business premises. This includes cleaning and tidying up the entrance, keeping windows clean, weeding flower beds, trimming hedges, and keeping the lawns neat. Keeping on top of all these tasks will make sure that your business looks well-cared for and in good condition. It shows people you put effort into the details, and this means a lot to customers’ impressions of you, and their desire to do business with you or not.


Windows are a key part of your business premises, and keeping them clean will make a huge difference. Make sure to regularly clean the windows – inside and out – and to repair any broken or damaged panes as soon as possible. Clean windows have the added benefit of allowing natural light into the building and helping customers to see what you have on display. If some office or storeroom windows are visible from the outside, make sure there is no clutter on show, and install professional looking blinds or curtains.

By putting in a bit of extra effort to make sure that your business premises look amazing, you can create a great first impression for potential customers and give your brand a boost. Make sure to check all aspects of the outside of your premises and optimize them for maximum impact – it’s worth the effort.

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