4 Conversion Copywriting Tips Every Marketer Needs

So, you’re wanting to boost conversions across all your marketing channels. LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, organic socials and your website. You’re not alone. Every marketer with half a brain cell is seeking to amplify the impact of their advertising efforts and business’ investment.

If I were to take a guess, I reckon you’ve probably looked at some bigger picture, higher-impact levers like your overall marketing strategy, offers and audiences. But you may be neglecting a key element: your messaging and copy. In this article, we run through our trusted conversion copywriting tips. These can be applied across your marketing mix to ensure you are maximizing your conversion potential and not letting any opportunities slip through your fingers.

Write for your audience

Most marketers know that the key to solid copywriting is a solid understanding of your intended audience and their needs. However, some don’t realize just how important this is in getting a prospect across the line to convert. So, how do the two directly influence each other? If you focus on writing for your audience, and connect their needs with the action you want them to take using their preferred communication style, they’re far more likely to follow you there.

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An example: your copy calls out software engineers, focuses on some problems they face on a daily basis like the time wasted dealing with network issues, and then encourages them to view a product page that could minimize this issue. In this scenario, they’re far more likely to act. If you instead focus on the benefits of that product without connecting it back to the audience and using language that’s unfamiliar to them, it’s much harder to build up the momentum needed for them to act. Write for your audience – this one’s plain and simple.

Be intentional & focus on adding value

In concert with writing for your audience, you need to be intentional about what you’re writing about and focus on delivering real value in order to give you the best chance for conversion. There’s a million product pages and articles out there on the web, and likely quite a few that focus on the exact topic you’re creating copy for. Consequently, if yours doesn’t offer a different perspective, angle or value prop – it’s unlikely prospects will put their trust in your business, let alone convert.

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If it’s a product page you’re creating copy for, make sure you highlight the benefits of your solution vs the others on the market and spotlight your USP (Unique Value Proposition). If you’re creating copy for a blog page, make sure you bring something unique to the table and bring a different perspective. If you’re not offering something of value that isn’t already out there, you’ll struggle to make an impact on your conversion figures.

Create clear, relevant CTAs

Conversion boosting and compelling CTAs go hand in hand. In order to keep your conversion numbers ticking up you need to mark your copy with consistent, clear and captivating CTAs. Whether you’re attempting a bottom-funnel Facebook ad or a long-form blog post on the website, it’s crucial that you have CTA/s that are well-thought-out and align with your main goal.

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Want people to download a piece of content on your website? You should be using a CTA like “Download Now” or “Get your Guide.” Want prospects to sign up for a free trial? Try “Get Started for Free” or “Unlock your Free Trial.” Alignment here is key. Also the longer your copy, the more times your CTA should feature, and be reinforced.

Start converting

There you have it! Our 3 go-to, save-worthy tips to help you write compelling copy that converts across the full spectrum of marketing channels. You now have everything you need to go out and start pumping up your conversions. Want help writing high-coverting blogs or ad copy? Prozely’s ad copy and blog writing service is exactly what you need. With a database of hand-vetted experienced writers, you’ll never need to worry about conversion numbers again.

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