Black Tuna Strain Features and Action

The black tuna strain grows fast and matures in late September and is lighter than the usual Indica species. The cannabis produced from this strain reduces CBD and increases THC, giving a clearer, more vigorous effect. The structure of the plant itself is very convenient for later harvesting because the branches themselves grow sideways rather than upward.

It can feel like a big ball is being slowly pumped up on your property. The end product is of better quality and absolutely no doubt already in the last weeks of flowering. The pods are medium dense, but very sticky due to the high resin content.

The Black tuna strains

The high of this strain is killer, everything seems to happen right in front of your eyes, but before you know it, you are in a state of fearless euphoria. After a few minutes, the buzz sinks into your body and intensifies the feeling of sweet body relaxation and a soothing effect. If you want to buy the best cannabis seeds in our online store, this strain with a THC level of 19%, about 0.2% CBD and a CBN level of about 0.7%, is just what you need to relax after a hard day – or to treat anxiety, depression, arthritis, and chronic pain.

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Despite the presence of the Sativa gene, the bush does not grow tall. The maximum it can reach on a ruler is 100 cm. Of course, we are talking about growing outdoors, because indoors the growth figures are even less (50-80 cm).

This is an easy grower to take care of, and the only thing that might be a problem for a grower is the filtration system. This cannabis smells pretty strong during the blooming period, so keeping a clean room air is of the utmost importance. The Black tuna strain cones take on a delicate purple color before the harvest, with scarlet trichomes appearing on top. A truly impressive sight!

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The Effects of Black tuna strain on the Body

The effects are a real asset of this strain of cannabis. The black tuna strain delivers a fast and long-lasting and very pleasurable intoxication. This is a great choice for those who want to buy cannabis seeds and get the best strain of cannabis with a powerful effect on the body. The main thing is that the price of cannabis is cheap and available to all comers.

The producer says that when you take a hit of the Black tuna strain, you’ll get a pine and citrus scent which will have almost instant psychic effects including a clearer perception of images and sounds. In the beginning, these sensations will give you energy and you will strive to finish all things as quickly as possible, at least in your mind. After a while, the sensation tends to turn into a light stone, which will be evenly distributed throughout the body.

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Buy Black tuna strain at the online weed store Canada. Everything is fast and convenient. The herb has a terrific smell that reminds you of ripe fruits and berries. The use of Black tuna strain guarantees a rush of energy and adrenaline, tones and excites the body. Rastaman begins to think actively, and quite unconventionally. The brainstorming lasts for about two hours, after which there is a gradual decline in energy, and at the end there comes satisfaction with oneself and life in general.

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