Apple Self Storage Review: The Most Genuine Review

Self-storage in Canada is a thriving form of business today. In fact, it has been going strong for decades and decades. No surprise, we have companies like Apple Self Storage that have been providing space for people for nearly 40 years.

Self-storage is a boon for those who want to change places, renovate their houses, or are going to be away but have no place to keep their goods. Apple Self Storage is considered to be one of the top self-storage companies to be active today. Let’s take a good look at the company and its service to see if that stands true.

For nearly 40 years, Apple Self Storage is providing people with self-storage units in Winnipeg, Fredericton, Queensville, and a total of 40 different locations. From enclosed structures to parking spaces and mailboxes, they have got everything.

How It Works

It begins with finding a unit at your location and deciding on what exactly you want. To get a unit you have picked, you will need to reserve it first. It can be done online, on phone, or simply with a personal visit.

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The company will help you pack and move too, in case you ask for it. A good variety of packing supplies and accessories is available on-site.

Once you are done with the basic documentation, you will be provided with a security code. Only a person in possession of the security code can get access beyond the gates.

Similar to the reservation process, you can pay rent through their website, by mail, or in person. There’s an option to automate the payment process as well.

Types of Storage Available

Self-storage Units

These flexible units allow you to store your belonging safely as long as you need them to. These spaces are available in various sizes depending on your requirements.

Temperature Controlled Storages

These special storages are designated for items that can be affected by heat, cold, or moisture.

Boat/RV/Vehicle Space

You can reserve a parking space or an enclosed unit for your vehicles that will keep them safe from different kinds of hazards here.

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Rental Mailbox

Apple Self Storage is one of the few places with the availability of mailboxes for rent. Now you can have a secured personal mailbox for your business or other purposes.


Quality and Reliability

Apple Self Storage is about to complete 40 years in the business. They have thousands of units that are rented regularly by their loyal clients. They trust them and have done so for years.

The quality of their units is one of the main reasons behind their constantly high reputation.

Reasonable Rates

Apple Self Storage provides some of the most affordable renting rates in Canada. There are no hidden fees either every transaction is completely transparent throughout.

No Commitments or Contracts

One of the best things about Apple is that they do not force you to do something you do not want to.

You won’t have to worry about getting bound to long-term contracts or unnecessary commitments. You rent and pay for as long as you want on a monthly basis.

Safety Guaranteed

The reviews and testimonials are overwhelmingly positive about the security and safety that Apple provides.

The company takes measures like padlocks, CCTVs, and gates that only the owner gets access to.

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Temperature Controlled Storages

The temperature-controlled storages are one of the key features of Apple Self Storage. These units are specifically designed for goods that require proper temperatures for their own good. If you have temperature-sensitive belongings, this is where you can keep them safe.

Total Access 24/7

You are renting a space for YOUR stuff and you should always be able to access it anytime you want. Thankfully that is the case with Apple Self Storage.

With the proper prerequisites, you can give your storage a visit anytime you want 24/7 every day of the week.


Turns out Apple Self Storage is among the largest self-storage companies in Canada, in both quality and quantity. From their prices to the quality of their units and extra features, everything seems to be perfect.

With over 40 different locations, Apple Self Storage makes itself available for as many people as it can. Nearly 4 decades’ worth of experience has solidified the company’s status in the Canadian storage scene. Without a doubt, Apple Self Storage is one of the best self-storage companies you could ever find.

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