A Quick Guide to Scheduling YouTube Videos

Learning how to unlock schedule YouTube videos in advance means you can get ahead of your youtube schedule template and post consistently, even if you are very busy with other work.

Scheduling videos help with the development, organization and planning of social media calendar content. It’s an opportunity to share quality content on a systematic basis. Scheduling helps to maintain consistent production and consistency helps you to rank higher in search pages organized by the YouTube algorithm.

Many Youtubers buy YouTube Subscribers to rank higher and increase reputation of their brand and YouTube channel. So, let us learn how to leverage this creative strategy.

If you don’t find the “schedule” option when you go to post a video on YouTube natively, you first have to verify your youtube account. The process for the same is unpretentious and speedy.

Why do people schedule YouTube videos?

Scheduling YouTube videos have many benefits over publishing them instantly, which we will discuss throughout this blog.

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Scheduling videos helps to:

  • Target viewers- Scheduling helps you to publish a video for when your subscribers are online or active.
  • Set multiple videos. Viewers don’t like to see numerous videos all at once.
  • It helps to make your channel active.
  • It helps you to go live while you’re away

Like I have mentioned earlier, if you don’t already see “schedule” as an option when you go to post a video on YouTube natively, you’ll need to verify your account. The process is simple and quick.

Click on your YouTube profile icon and choose the third dropdown option, YouTube Studio.

Step 1: See if you’re already verified

In the left-hand column, below your profile icon, you will some options available. Scroll down and select Settings.

In Settings, click “Channel” then Feature eligibility. At the bottom of that section, head toStatusandFeatures. Here, you can tally if your account is verified or you need to fulfil the verification process.

Step 2: Complete the verification process

YouTube will ask you to select the country you’re working in and how you’d like to obtain your verification code. Then, you will be asked to provide a phone number and prove you are a human.

Step 3: Enter your verification code

Soon after selecting your verification method, you will obtain a six-digit code. Contingent on which option you go through, that will be send as a text message or as an automated voice message. Enter your code and clickSubmit.

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Step 4: Voila! You channel is verified!

Verifying your channel will you benefit valuable YouTube features, like custom thumbnails and permit to upload longer videos.

Now, let’s get started…

How to unlock schedule YouTube videos: Easy and quick steps

Scheduling YouTube Videos

1-Sign in toYouTube account and navigate to the Upload section.

2 –Click on “Scheduled” or “Private” on the privacy drop-down menu on the upload page.

3 –Drag and drop to upload your video.

4 –Theninsert time, date and time zone.

5 –Clickthe “Publish”button and Well Done!Now, head to Creator Studio, click on the Video Manager button and next to the video you will see ‘Scheduled’

Now let us deep dive into scheduling

You can premiere a video that permits you to schedule a video upload with a shareable watch page.

How to Premiere a Video on YouTube

You can premiere a video on YouTube using a Pc or laptop only. But your viewers can watch and comment on the video from any device: iOS, Android phone, desktop, etc.

  1. Drag&drop a video file you want to premiere and Click, upload
  2. Click on “Scheduled” from the dropdown
  3. Upload the video
  4. Then toggle the “premiere” switch and select the date and time you want to publish the video out.
  5. Include video’s title, description, and custom thumbnail
  6. After video is done with processing, click “premiere”
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This produces a sharable watch page for the video. That page is public, so you can share and promote your forthcoming premiere.

Promoting your YouTube video Premiere

YouTube acclaims in promotion of a premiere to,

  • Interact with your viewers on the watch page earlier and throughout the premiere
  • promote the premiere by sharing the watch page URL crossways social media platforms, email, websites etc.
  • Remind viewers to set an alarm!
  • request subscribers to hit the “bell” icon

How to schedule unlisted video YouTube

To schedule an unlisted YouTube video

  • Change video from unlisted to private
  • Save changes
  • Then change the settings from private to scheduled
  • And save changes again!

You can work according to your YouTube schedule template by scheduling your videos for publishing them at specific future time period. I hope you have understood the concept of how to unlock schedule YouTube videos, schedule unlisted video YouTube and how to premiere a video on YouTube well.

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