6 Creative Ways to Use Your Silicone Molds

Repurposing your silicone molds at home can be as much fun as you can imagine. Who would have guessed that this product is more than just an ice maker for your refrigerator? You can make many products out of these kitchen tools, from kitchen needs to foods to beauty products. It only takes a little imagination and craftsmanship to repurpose this one. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 8 ways to make your silicone molds useful. Whether you make this for yourself or as a present for others, these hacks will make you enjoy the moment by creating something new.

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6 Products to Make with Silicone Molds

Homemade Gelatin

This homemade jello could be a lifesaver for some parents regarding snacking on their children. Jello is a good option if you’re looking for a lite food that’s also simple to make. You only need jelly powder, hot water, and your favorite custom silicone molds. Plus, add sprinkles or chocolate chips to make it more appealing to the kids. You can choose something your children will enjoy, such as animals, shapes, letters, or cartoon characters.

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Scented Candles

A scented candle is another item that you can make with this mold. Making your product is highly convenient because you can choose any scent that appeals to you. To make these items, you’ll need wax, wax wicks, containers, fragrance oil, dried flower petals, and a wick holder. The next step is to make the candle with the mentioned materials by melting the wax, adding the oils, and mixing it. Pour it into your mold and insert a wick before it hardens. Then, it would help if you waited until the mixture had set before you took it down.

Coffee Cubes

Coffee enthusiasts will enjoy a good coffee cube even in the comfort of their own homes. Nothing beats a good coffee, especially if it’s accompanied by hardened coffee cubes and your favorite homemade caramel macchiato. Mix your preferred coffee powder with water, pour it into the silicone mold, and freeze it for about a day. After that, if you want a cold coffee with a kick, add some coffee cubes and milk.

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Frozen Foods and Condiments

Do you want to know how to preserve sauces and garlic blends? You can freeze them. Pour the salsa, pesto sauce, or blended garlic into the mold and freeze it for several days. If you want to use it for cooking, remove it from the freezer and let it melt before mixing it into your food. This method is simpler than using leftover foods you want to eat the next day. Remember that freezing extends its life span by a week or month, so plan if you’re going to use it.

Beauty Products

Another enjoyable way to put your own silicone mold to use is to create your beauty products. Making soap and bath bombs are two of the most popular things you can do. Meanwhile, you can make shampoo bars, exfoliating bars, and other products. As you may know, bars melt slower and last longer than liquid forms of your beauty products. So, if you’d rather want to save money, you might as well try this one.

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Baby Foods

Moms will appreciate these silicone molds because you can use them to freeze baby foods. If you are a working parent with a baby, you can make a fruit and vegetable puree and freeze it to save time when your child requires food. As we all know, babies can be fussy if you will not give them something to eat right away. As a result, having a frozen carrot or broccoli puree on hand will save you from those whining moments.

Final Takeaway

Our list will give you a better idea of how to use your silicone molds in the comfort of your home. You could also use it for personal consumption, provide it to others, or turn your DIY products into a business.

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