5 Ways to Make the Most of Hayride, Bonfire, and Corn Maze Season

There are so many things to love about fall. From apple-flavored delights to late-night frights, this time of year seems to have it all. The problem that most people run into is that their favorite fall shenanigans can be quite fleeting. Season-specific events like hayrides and bonfires are often weather-dependent and can be quickly chased away by the first winter snowstorm. If you hesitate, treasured fall activities could disappear as fast as a freshly baked pumpkin pie.

If you normally miss out on autumnal fun because you wait too long to take action, make this year different. Here are five ways to make the most of hayride, bonfire, and corn maze season before the snowflakes set in.

Dress for Autumn’s Variable Temps

If there’s one thing that signifies the arrival of fall more than anything else, it’s wildly fluctuating temperatures. Figuring out how to dress appropriately for autumn weather can make your head spin. On chilly mornings, you might decide to don a long-sleeved shirt and pants. But as the heat rises later in the day, you might find yourself intensely regretting your wardrobe choices. Instead of forcing yourself into an inflexibly warm outfit, it’s best to dress in layers.

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Your base layer should always be a lightweight, short-sleeved T-shirt or polo. If temperatures skyrocket in the afternoon, you’ll be grateful for the short sleeves. Put a long-sleeved flannel shirt or Carhartt hoodie on over the top to keep you cozy during frosty morning temps. You might even consider throwing on a scarf or jacket, depending on how cold it gets in the mornings and evenings. Just make sure your layers are easily removable so you aren’t wrestling with your garments anytime you get too hot.

Research Local Events

It’s hard to make the most of fall activities if you have no idea they’re happening. Many towns and cities have a variety of harvest- and Halloween-themed attractions for local residents to enjoy. The main problem is that they’re not always great at advertising them. It’s easy to miss the boat if you aren’t paying close attention.

One of the best ways to find out about local hayrides and corn mazes is to check your city website. It should have a calendar of events that lays out all the upcoming city-sponsored festivities. Social media is another great resource to check for seasonal events in your area. Browse local social media pages to keep up on the happenings in your town and surrounding ones. The better informed you are, the less likely you’ll be to miss out on the fall fun.

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Find Discounts to Your Favorite Spooky Sites

Haunted houses are some of the most popular autumn attractions. If you’re a fan, you know firsthand how expensive such spooky experiences can be — especially if you’re also paying for others. Unless you budget in advance, you could find it difficult to afford a family’s worth of tickets to your favorite haunted venue. Fortunately, many of these attractions offer discounted tickets that can make it more affordable for the average family to go. The key is knowing how to find them.

Groupon and similar sites are a great resource for discounts of all types. Consider signing up for their emails or newsletters so you can see a wide variety of deals on events in your area. You may also be able to find discounted tickets to your favorite haunted house at local businesses, like restaurants or grocery stores. Finally, consider planning your haunted outing on a weeknight when ticket prices tend to be cheaper.

Sample Seasonal Dishes

You can tell when fall arrives because local restaurants and fast-food outlets start offering seasonal treats. Pumpkin spice–flavored lattes and shakes might be the target of many jokes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t mouth-wateringly delicious. Other popular seasonal dishes include hearty stews, warming sweet potato casseroles, and fragrant apple pies. They make it onto restaurant menus every year, but you might be surprised at how quickly they’re rotated off.

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To make sure you don’t miss your chance to enjoy some of the best flavors autumn has to offer, take time to sample seasonal dishes. Go out of your way to ask what seasonal specials local restaurants offer. You won’t regret forgoing your usual menu favorites to enjoy limited-time culinary delights. Whether it’s a butternut squash risotto or a cranberry-apple crumble, you’ll leave with a satisfied belly and happy memories.

Don’t Sleep on Getting Outside

Fall is a glorious time of year to venture outdoors. The air is crisp, fresh, and perfect for hiking. The leaves start to turn their signature crimson, bright yellow, and pumpkin-orange hues. The last thing you want to do is waste this beautiful season indoors.

If you’re looking for excuses to get outside, there are plenty of opportunities available. Arrange a late-night bonfire with friends or take your family on a local hayride. You can also go for a lazy Sunday afternoon drive through the woods to see the blazing leaves up close. And don’t forget to test your wits at a challenging corn maze before the season ends.

If autumn isn’t already your favorite time of the year, that may change once you enjoy all it has to offer. Follow the tips above to make sure you don’t miss the best parts of the season.

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