What You Should When You See Rats In Your House

Rodents have been known to have caused one of the biggest and most destructive plagues in human history. They are known to carry 35 diseases with them. They also carry intestinal worms that can be ingested by your pets. Not only that, but they are also proven to carry diseases even up to this modern day. They carry diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Murine Typhus, Leptospirosis, Eosinophilic Meningitis, and Rat Bite Fever. It must be imperative that we get rid of them immediately.

Its damage is not only limited to health concerns, but to our house as well. They can also chew on wirings, furniture, and apparel. If they chew on wirings, it will expose you and your family to accidents, and we do not want that from happening. We need something to protect us from these pests.

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Let’s go through some ways that we can get rid of rodents in our house.

Clean Your House

There’s nothing rodents love more than dirty houses. By making sure your house and the surrounding is clean, there are fewer spaces for rats to hide in.

Cover Entry Points

One effective way of preventing a rodent infestation is to directly block their entryways. By sealing of cracks and tiny holes in your houses, you can stop these pests from ruining your house and causing health hazards. You need to remember that rats can be very tricky – they can squeeze into pencil-size tiny holes. You can use caulk so they can’t chew their way pass through it.

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Mouse Traps

If rats have totally invaded your home already, you need to be more aggressive in handling them. You can buy baits with poison. However, you must be careful that it’s not toxic enough to accidentally intoxicate your family.

Rodent Removal and Exclusion

In Phoenix Arizona, rodents are a very big problem! If you have tried the steps above, but they just keep on coming back, it’s time for you to seek help from trained and insured professionals. They can totally eradicate rodent infestation in your house. Not only that, but they will also have constant monitoring to make sure the problem won’t occur again.

For Watchdog Pest Control Services, there are three levels that they can choose, depending on what is the best method for you. Level one is for clients who observe that there are a few rodents entering their houses. What they are going to do for this level is seal outdoor thresholds, bathroom, and laundry room vents.

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Level two is for clients who frequently see rodents in the their houses. For this level, pest control services will have guaranteed sealing out floor thresholds, bathroom and laundry room vent, plumbing underneath sinks, and screening interior window sill areas.

And that brings us to level three. This will be the most thorough level where pest control services will employ a full interior seal out. This will seal your vents, door thresholds, outlets, fixtures, and bathroom and kitchen plumbing. This will solve your problem!

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