Signs it is time to upgrade your fleet management

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be a true backbreaker – especially if you have in mind various types of maintenance software managers need to use. Their main task is to make the most out of the available resources, but at times it takes time to learn how to handle them.

If you are running a successful company that boasts such a fleet, efficiency and desire to keep it solid should be a number one priority on your firm’s ‘to-do’ list. But how are you supposed to know if something is wrong?

Let’s mention some of the issues that could be signs that it could be the perfect moment to perform a few upgrades here and there.

Frequent repairs

If it feels like you’re spending more cash than you should on repairs, then it might happen due to poor driving habits. Certain software upgrades can solve these issues, as they can improve the function of the program and give drivers live updates on how to enhance their driving behavior. Also, warn the drivers if you notice them driving carelessly. By doing this, you can prove that you can take care of all potential issues before it’s late and reward the drivers who perform their duties safely and efficiently.

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Staff vanish during the day

Occasionally, you may notice that the lunch break takes longer than it should or that you’re losing contact with your staff at some points. This won’t be something to worry about in case you make sure that your software provides a good tracking tool. With GPS tracking you’ll always know where your staff is, especially in case of vehicle theft – that would enable you to recover your assets quickly and without much hassle.

Fuel consumption bigger than expected

Just as upgrading by locating your staff members, upgrading your system by observing the overall fuel costs would definitely come in handy. You’ll be able to find the best fuel-efficient routes to customers and save a bunch of cash on fuel consumption from day one. You certainly can’t have any influence on the cost of fuel but you can get the most of your money and take care of your spendings more effectively. Autosist, a renowned fleet maintenance software provider, helps people access their records, along with the fuel or oil change expenses overview, anytime and anywhere. With an aid like this, it’s much easier to organize and act wisely.

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Staff is arriving late or missing appointments

There are more cars and diverse vehicles on the road than ever before – and traffic is a game of luck! It might be inevitable to arrive late to your destination or even miss an appointment. If anything like this happens quite frequently, you could say it might affect your business quite a lot, as well as your reputation or relationship with a client. Great software upgrades will assist you in gaining insight into the current traffic situation and use street view navigation to arrive at your location quickly.

Issues with timesheets

Admit it – from 0 to 10, how big is the headache you get once you realize your staff failed to submit their timesheets? If this is something common, it means that the main problem here is organization. It also means it’s time to get a more advanced system so that you can avoid issues and disagreements in regards to this. With the upgraded software you and your drivers will be at peace – driver’s reports will be directly forwarded to your inbox and take away the drama. This should tackle all disagreements and there will be no need to chase people.

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