The Health Risks of a Dirty Carpet

Many people ignore the fact that a clean environment is paramount for good health. While you cannot change the cleanliness of the public spaces you interact with, you can foster a healthy environment in your home. The carpet is the most notorious for harboring dust mites, dirt, pet hair, pollen, mold, and other allergens likely to negatively impact your health. Even if it looks clean, it could be home to bacteria, microbes, and other pollutants. Let’s look at the health issues that can be made worse by a dirty carpet.


If you are allergic, you should keep your carpet clean at all times. Mold and dust mites trapped in a dirty carpet can inflame the lungs and cause a runny nose whether or not you suffer from allergies. If you suffer from allergies, the dust can trigger an allergy attack and reduce the quality of your life. When you or any of your family members start suffering from frequent allergies, the carpet should be your first culprit.

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You may be experiencing sneezing and irritation due to mold and ragweed trapped in the carpet fibers, especially if the symptoms flare up after regular vacuuming. An expert rug cleaning west Hollywood can eliminate the allergens leaving you with a clean and fresh carpet.

Respiratory conditions

As earlier mentioned, your carpet can trap a lot of dust, pet hair, mold, and dirt. Vacuuming and walking are some of the daily activities that can spread the airborne particles in the air. These movements of allergens in your indoor air can cause respiratory problems like sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, and lung inflammation. People with asthma are more likely to feel these symptoms more intensely. Even kids and pets who spend more time playing on the carpet are more likely to be affected by airborne contaminants on your carpet.

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Pet germs

If you own pets, keeping your carpet clean is more important to minimize the risks of diseases. Animal urine and feces droppings on your carpet can lead to smells like ammonia which can cause nose and lung irritation. Pet waste is hazardous for infants who are in contact with the rug when playing.

The dampness also leads to mold growth; therefore, you should immediately address the affected areas. Pet germs and diseases spread around your home due to cats and dogs getting in and out. Most times, extreme cleaning by professional cleaners is necessary to get rid of the germs.

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A weak immune system

When you stay in an unclean environment, your body’s immune system gets compromised. Remember that your immune system is responsible for fighting off toxins and germs, and it can get tired when you are constantly exposed to dirty carpets and a toxic environment. Babies are at a higher risk because their immune systems are still developing. Professional carpet cleaning helps keep your kids and family healthy through a clean and fresh environment.


You should ensure that your carpet is not making you sick. Professional carpet cleaning from time to time helps eliminate all the dirt and odors trapped in the carpet fibers for a clean and fresh look and feel.

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