How to make a successful product video with a free doodle video maker

There are many free doodle video maker software such asMango Animate Whiteboard Animation Makerthat allows you to make your own drawn explanatory video. The availability of free media library makes your work much easier where you get the royalty-free images, SVG, icons, shapes that you can use directly to create your whiteboard animation. You get a lot of options to select the hands that draw your animation. You can even record your own voice and use the music file from the library as per your need which will be completely royalty-free.

Let us simply point out the obvious: the tool does not do everything.To get the best results from an animated whiteboard video, it is advisable to follow a few steps.

  • Make a brief on the objectives of the animation.

The fact of summarizing on 1 page the objectives of video animation allows both to clarify your ideas, but also to help your agency to make a suitable film.

For example, you must indicate:

  • Who is the target?
  • Where this document will be disseminated
  • When the movie has to be finished
  • What is the main message to convey?
  • Why what should be done
  • How to get the message across
  • What will be the call to action?
  • The image you want to give

Note: there is a type of video that mixes informative content (study, statistics, advice, etc.), in order to then highlight its products. This type of content works particularly well as part of a visibility strategy.

  • Tell a good story
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Storytelling is the art of bringing out interesting dramatic elements from the activity, products or services of your e-commerce site.Top of Form

Bottom of Form

The public has a taste for good intrigues.But you might be telling yourself that you don’t have a great story in your drawers.It turns out that your product or business solves some problems that people have.

You can draw here anecdotes, scenarios, or customer experiences who find a happy ending with what you offer.Here you have the material to develop the scenario of your film inwhiteboard animation.

Usually, a good story follows the following principle:

  • A starting point
  • A problem
  • Unsuccessful attempts
  • The solution that finally arrives
  • And the situation which is improved

If you go through an agency, you can do an oral brief, telling the story of a typical client.However, you can also provide a storyline scenario.The goal is not to have dozens of pages, but rather to have a framework that will serve as a working document.

Generally, the main pitfall is to put too many texts or want to convey too many messages. In fact, there are generally 2 video formats:

  • a video of 30 seconds to 1 minute 30 to get to the point (eg: sales page, product sheet, etc.).
  • a video of about 2 minutes to 3 minutes maximum to go into details if your readers have the time (eg: demo at a customer’s premises).
  • Create a storyboard

This is an often-underestimated key step in producing a good video product.A professional always relies on a storyboard, a sort of comic strip giving an outline of the boards of the future film.It allows you to preview what your advertising spot will be.

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He details the film in different sequences to test the sequence before making the cartoon:

This is where we can experiment, change, work on the details, the visual, the look of the characters, etc.Be as specific as possible about this step.This will save you a lot of time by avoiding having to redo the film afterwards.You can use these sample models to realize your scenario with

  • a very simple drawing to represent people, speeches
  • a legend with what will happen and the voice over

Note: generally, you should avoid writing on the screen what you say orally. The text in the cartoon must either emphasize a point or add information.

A good tip is to draw your picture, then read the text aloud, in order to have a model close to what you want to obtain.

  • Choose a good illustrator

As I said, there is “turnkey”animation whiteboardsoftware with an image bank.It does not replace the creation of an original visual by a professional illustrator who works just for you.

In fact, just like for “royalty-free” images, seeing other animations with similar visuals will damage your credibility. The choice of the illustrator also allows you to give an “image” to your animation because depending on the type of drawing (serious, childish) you can convey different messages.

If you want to have a custom movie made just for you, don’t skip this step.

  • Make a sparkling montage
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At this stage, you speed up the film, you cut what is not necessary, you prune, until you get about 1min30 of film.Why? This is the average video viewing time on YouTube.

It is an average of the attention time that prospects are willing to devote to viewing an advertising spot.

Warning: we tend to pass the sequences of a video animation too quickly by dint of seeing it and reviewing it. We must therefore take into account the fact that it is a complete stranger who will read the message.

  • Choose a good actor

If you have already tried, you have realized it, you cannot improvise yourself as an actor.

Even to record a voice-over, to have ease, a warm tone, good elocution, it’s a job.If you cannot be heard or if you do not articulate correctly, you destroy the effect produced by the explanatory video.

The voice of an actor or actress will give the necessary rhythm that will support the image and ensure that the whiteboard animation is dynamic and playful.

  • Select an appropriate music

There are royalty-free music banks where you can find your happiness.You can also hire a musician to compose music just for you.You can also add sound effects at this step to put the finishing touches on this little wonder which will now appear in a good position on your e-commerce site page.

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