Health Care Services at Home

India currently has 876 million citizens above 60 years of age, including a majority of our beloved elders. Expectedly, by 2050, their number is estimated to reach 30,00,00,000 (thirty crores). The dwindling number of joint families, deteriorated health services, lack of respectful behaviour for senior citizens, lack of transport facilities, inadequate housing facilities are some of the problems that need to be proactively framed.

Among all of these, old-age healthcare remains one of the most challenging tasks. While young-generation is busy with their own life, elders remain alone and helpless at home. With these changing dimensions, health care services and professional caregiving are emerging as a trusted and reliable option for eldercare.

What is professional caregiving?

Professional caregiving, also known as geriatric care, is a simple way to provide better care to the elders with the help of well-trained caregivers. A professional’s main task is to give required attention, care and better healthcare facilities for the elders

For seniors who are not able to take care of themselves and have no family member available to take, calling a professional nurse to home is the best option.

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The need for professional ElderCare

Old age can be a difficult experience. As they grow old, health starts deteriorating and elders become dependent on others for even daily activities. Unwillingly, they seek support in every other thing. This is the time when the elderly need the most care. Although many times people are not available to take care of their elders due to modern constraints of life. In such scenarios, they can always opt for professional senior care services.

The professional caregiver acts as an extended family in the absence of a real family. They don’t only offer their professional services to the elders but also love them as their parents, ensuring that they don’t feel left out.

Benefits Of In-Home Healthcare Services

Professional in-home healthcare services offer multiple benefits to the elders, such as:

  • Better Care

The professionals provide better care to the elders with their holistic approaches. They don’t only focus on one aspect of caring but provide complete care to the elders, addressing all old-age issues.

  • Proper Nutrition
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The professionals are well-trained about elder health and their nutritional needs. They provide them with proper meals which leads them towards better physical and mental care.

  • 24*7 Assistance

Home nurses also give 24*7 assistance to the elders, helping them in their everyday chores. With this, elders don’t feel alone and easily overcome the difficulties of mobility.

  • Experience & Expertise

The major benefit of having professionals is their experience and expertise, which help them understand seniors and offer the best possible solutions to elderly issues.

Things To Remember While Hiring Professional Caregiver

Before you call a professional caregiver to home, there are certain things that you should keep prepared. Here’s a checklist, ensure to keep the following thing in mind while calling a professional nurse to home.

  • Keep all prescriptions and medications ready for the elderly as the caregiver may ask for it.
  • In case of emergency, provide the professional caregiver all the important contact numbers of the family members.
  • Note the names and contact numbers of doctors who are caring for elderly health services.
  • Provide a list of dietary and nutritional needs prescribed by the doctor so that the caregiver can plan the meal accordingly.
  • Prepare a list of activities or exercises performed by a doctor-prescribed elderly, so that the caregiver is aware of it and helps the elderly to do so.
  • Inform the caregiver of special needs or concerns that the caregiver takes care of.
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With these things ready, a caregiver can perform better while taking care of your beloved elders.

The Bottom Line

Are you not able to give proper time and attention to your beloved elders? Well! Don’t worry, various health care services send their nurse to home to take care of your elders in your absence. Emoha is one of the most trusted senior care services in Delhi-NCR. With expertise in dealing with senior citizens, Emoha offers a plethora of services for elders. At Emoha, they aim to ensure a better and happier life for elders by providing them with Moh (love) and care. Connect with Emoha at 1800-123-445555 or [email protected] for trusted and affordable senior care facilities.

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