Analysts Predict these 3 NFT Collections will explode

Everyone desires a piece of the NFT, whether luxury brands or movie studios. Three NFT collections are leading the table for private investors or collectors. Check out why analysts think that these three coins must be included in a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. It is mainly due to their unique market fits for their target audiences and the creative approach that they bring along. On the other hand, if you also like bitcoin, then join the bitcoin trading trend by visiting the official Home Page of a reputable platform.


One-of-a-kind play-to-earn fantasy horse racing platform Silks is powered by blockchain. The first of its horses will be minted on September 29 and available for sale by all Silks avatar owners. For four days, each horse is discounted by $500.

Troy Levy, CEO of Tropical Racing and owner of Circle 8 Farms, has given the project his backing. This indicates that it has the support of an entrepreneur with extensive horse racing experience. Silks keep track of the 20,000 thoroughbred horses born annually in the United States. In general, each horse in the real world has a Silks equivalent.

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Based on how they will perform in real life, Silks users can own, trade, and earn rewards from their thoroughbred virtual horse. Users can completely immerse themselves in the metaverse online world because all game activity occurs there.

Silks allow its users to purchase virtual real estate, construct stables for their horses, and monitor their performance throughout their entire lifecycle. Thanks to these ground-breaking features, Silks are among the best NFT land projects and NFT horse racing projects currently available to NFT investors.

Copium Protocol

The Copium Protocol platform is an excellent option for securing income from passive cryptocurrency mining. This novel NFT project creates demand for Copium Coin by purchasing it with mining profits from a real-world mining facility.

On November 9, 2022, Copium will launch its Investor Pass NFTs, a collection of 10,000 NFTs. The Ethereum network will be used to mint the NFTs.

Using a Dutch auction, the starting price is high and drops if no one buys at the first price.3.5 ETH is the starting price. However, you can get a guaranteed mint spot for just 3 ETH if you are one of the first 2,000 people to register early.

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Additionally, Copium Protocol Investor Pass holders are entitled to a once-only airdrop of 10,000 Copium Coins. The Investor Pass and Copium Coin are simultaneously made available to the general public.


The lifestyle club Cocky Cocky hosts world-class music events and other exclusive events. The Parasol Group is behind the project, which aims to add utility value to the NFT market.

Cocky wants to end the idea that NFTs are primarily worthless, intangible pieces of jpeg art. Instead, it wants to give NFT holders ownership rights to access goods and services, like events. For example, Cocky’s NFT holders access once-in-a-lifetime musical events held in unusual places.

Ten thousand Cocky Can NFTs make up the NFT collection. There are 51 distinct skin tones and three distinct tiers of lid colors: black, gold, and silver.

Benefits such as discounted transportation, lodging, additional event invitations, bar tabs, and exclusive merchandise can be obtained by advancing through the tiers assigned randomly during minting.

The Mutations feature of the NFTs is a novel feature. The NFT is stamped when an owner attends an event. The owner can write their account of the Cocky events they have attended thanks to these mutations, which appear in the background of the NFT. According to the team, it will host two world-class in-person events annually.

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The venue’s capacity has dictated ticket volume. So, holders of NFT will be needed to register their interest in some events at a great time on the site. If any NFT holder receiving a ticket cannot attend the event, they can sell it on the custom-built secondary market. Only those holding a Cocky Token will be eligible to buy tickets on the official secondary market. Its roadmap includes all plans to expand the community with ever-larger events. The main aim is to create a brand that will eventually rival Coachella’s likes.

There is not anything like Cocky now on the market. It is entering a significant sector where people are on the hunt for exciting and adventurous leisure pursuits. Cocky NFT ownership may open up that world and profits that will flow from it.

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