A Comprehensive Guide to Increasing Your Company’s IT Security

As a business, the preservation and protection of your customers’ and clients’ data and personal, private information is not just a moral responsibility, but also a legal one too, and as a result, your company should have the highest, most stringent protocols in place to protect against cybercrime.

Even though you are already, presumably, doing everything you possibly can to ensure your IT security is the highest it can be, there is, as with everything else in business, always room for improvement.

Continue reading for a comprehensive guide to increasing your company’s IT security.

Start Holding Your Employees Accountable

Although this first point seems slightly savage, the truth is that no matter the size of your business or the industry in which it is based, and regardless of how trusted and loyal your employees are, IT security begins with the people who are responsible for accessing and using the data.

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Starting to hold your team members accountable for anything and everything they do on the internet, both in a professional and ‘at work’ capacity, and indeed, whenever they mention their place of work on a personal level, will both increase security and guard your secrets from company rivals.

Regularly Change Your Passwords

A simple, yet exceedingly effective, precaution against cybercrime and guarding your business against potential hacking is to ensure that every password is changed regularly, on a companywide basis. Moreover, this precaution is also one that you should employ with your personal and private data and computer networks, as well as your professional ones.

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Regularly changing your passwords will afford you a plethora of important advantages, including the following:

  • The prevention of saved and stored passwords being automatically used
  • Limited access by any keystroke loggers and keystroke technologies
  • The prevention of constant and open access to your network
  • Limited breaches should they occur to more than one of your company’s accounts

Outsource Your IT Functions

The beauty of outsourcing is that you can choose to partner with a reputable company that will take care of just one or two of your core business functions, or else an entire section of your business, whilst still regaining ultimate power and control.

When you outsource your IT maintenance and function to a Top IT Services Provider, you will be afforded unrivalled levels of internet security and, therefore, protection for your valuable company information and customer data.

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Authentication & Endpoint Detection

When it comes to protecting your data itself, advanced endpoint security is crucial and will ensure all your company’s information is entirely shielded from cyber-attacks, viruses and malicious malware.

Regarding accessing your network in the first place, particularly with your various social media platforms and every banking website that your company utilizes, you should remember to install multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication is, essentially, a way for your computing network to ’double check’ that the person, or system, trying to access the network is who they say they are, and not an anonymous and dangerous hacker.

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