White Widow Feminized Seeds


White Widow feminized seeds grow into resin-filled crops with trichome-covered buds. It packs a punch that wraps your mind in a blissful bubble of calm euphoria. The cultivar nabbed several awards, including first prize in the bio category of the 1995 Cannabis Cup. Its sweet yet complex musky pine flavors and potent effects induce a creative buzz that contributes to its popularity. It’s not surprising that White Widow feminized is loved by many in the 420 community. You might expect that such a celebrated strain is challenging to cultivate, but if you follow the handy tips provided, you’ll find that growing White Widow seeds feminized is a straightforward and rewarding endeavor.

Below you’ll learn all about the effects, flavors, and genetics of the legendary strain. Let’s get started by checking out a brief description of White Widow feminized.

White Widow feminized seeds description

White Widow feminized, a.k.a. Arnhem’s Wonder, has its roots set in the cannabis hub of Europe—Amsterdam. The cultivar is fairly new on the 420 scene—Green House Seeds developed it in 1994. The hybrid is indica dominant, but certain phenotypes lean more towards sativa. The buds that develop from White Widow feminized pot seeds have a distinct aroma that makes them stand out. There’s a subtle blend of earth, pine, citrus, and spice in its flavor profile.

The first few tokes bring about a vivid cerebral buzz, a burst of creative energy, and euphoria. Then, as the effects settle, calmer feelings emerge, gluing you to the couch with a mild case of the munchies. When you see White Widow feminized marijuana seeds for sale, don’t hesitate to purchase some. This strain is beginner-friendly and incredibly easy to cultivate.

It grows to a medium height and offers generous harvests. The hybrid is rather potent, packed with THC, and leaves even veteran tokers joyfully couch-locked.

White Widow feminized effects

Once you’ve successfully cultivated White Widow feminized seeds and reap the rewards of your labor by taking a puff, you’ll enjoy a unique experience. The hit goes straight to your brain and boosts your mood within a few moments.

The strain dispels your negative thoughts and induces a sudden burst of mild creative energy. Your newly acquired, cheerful disposition pairs well with activities like art, music, and social gatherings. You’ll feel bubbly and outspoken as White Widow feminized melts away your inhibitions and helps your body and mind completely unwind. After an hour or two, the physical effects heighten, and a warm numbing sensation envelops you. This is your cue to gather your favorite refreshments and find a cozy spot to settle before the full-body melt hits. When this happens, you’ll feel glued to your seat and might even find yourself dozing off. These effects make the strain ideal for nighttime use.

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White Widow feminized contains between 18–25% THC, making the experience intense for most marijuana lovers. The CBD levels are relatively low, but that doesn’t mean you should discount the therapeutic benefits. Medicinal users favor the strain for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has an interesting terpene blend that makes it helpful in treating several mental and behavioral conditions and pain-related ailments.

Medical tokers often grow White Widow feminized cannabis seeds at home to save on expenses and ensure a quality harvest. The cultivar is commonly used for stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, and depression. Patients with inflammatory illnesses, arthritis, and muscle spasms can also find relief with this strain. You can use the strain in conjunction with other treatments for chronic conditions, like multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. White Widow feminized doesn’t cause severe side-effects, with cottonmouth and dry eyes being the most likely discomforts you’ll experience. You can easily overcome these by keeping a bottle of water next to you.

White Widow feminized flavors

When your White Widow Feminized seeds mature, the plants exude a strong mixture of aromas that’s hard to ignore. After harvesting and grinding your buds, the scents augment, and you’ll enjoy a redolence of pine, earth, herbs, and spice. Once lit, the sweet pine dominates, and as you take a toke, it teases your tongue on the inhale. When the smoke exits your lungs, you’ll pick up hints of herbs, spice, and earth. Subtle floral undertones can also be detected as the last wisps of White Widow feminized escape your lips.

How to Germinate White Widow Feminized seeds

When you purchase feminized White Widow seeds, you’ll need to decide on the best way to germinate them. There’s plenty of methods you can use, but we’ll highlight six popular ones below.

Cotton wool

Regardless of the medium in which you plan to cultivate your White Widow feminized seeds, starting them off in a cotton wool setup gives them a great shot.

You’ll need several items that are usually available in your home:

  • Two wads of cotton
  • A container with water
  • Two large plates
  • Tweezers
  • White Widow feminized cannabis seeds

The first step is to saturate a wad of cotton in the container with water. Squeeze out any excess liquid and lay it out on one of the plates. Use your tweezers to place your seeds on the moist setup. Cover the White Widow feminized seeds with another wet cotton wad, and close the entire setup with the second plate. Place it in a cool, dry place, and check on it daily. Roots usually sprout within a week.

Ziplock bag technique

This method uses a similar principle to the cotton wool one, but you’ll require:

  • Two damp paper towels
  • A clear Ziplock bag
  • White Widow feminized marijuana seeds

Place your seeds between the two damp paper towels and ensure that it’s not soaking wet. Gently insert the layered towels into the bag. This setup emulates a greenhouse atmosphere with warmth and humidity.

Check for progress daily, and add moisture if the paper towels seem to be drying out. When your White Widow feminized pot seeds develop tap roots, they’re ready for the transition to a new medium. This can take up to two weeks.

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Direct planting

The main benefit of direct planting is that you won’t shock the seedlings when you transplant them. It’s crucial to start the cultivation journey indoors so that you can fully control the environment. Collect the following before you begin:

  • Sturdy containers that drain well
  • Potting soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Water
  • White Widow feminized seeds

Mix the soil and fertilizer before filling each of the containers. Ideally, these should be small, with a maximum width of three inches. Moisten the mixture slightly and make a shallow hole in the soil of each container, approximately one inch deep. Place each White Widow feminized seed in the crevices you create with a pointed edge facing down. Keep the setup in a warm indoor area for up to 14 days.

Seedling plugs

This is one of the simplest germination methods available. You need to purchase starter cubes/seedling plugs and pop your seed in through the ready-made hole. Provide adequate water, and your feminized White Widow seeds will germinate.


This method is also pretty easy. All it requires is a glass of lukewarm water, where you’ll soak your seeds overnight. At first, they may float, but after a few hours, they should sink. Don’t leave them in water for more than 32 hours, or they’ll drown. If your White Widow feminized seeds don’t sprout within this timeframe, proceed with the cotton wool or ziplock method to try and successfully germinate them.

Germinating station

Germination stations make cultivating cannabis convenient. A professionally made one has a plastic top that provides excellent humidity control. You need to insert your growing medium and feminized White Widow seeds, and the station acts as a mini greenhouse.

You can also find DIY tutorials for building your own germination station using household items and a heating pad.

White Widow Feminized seeds grow information

White Widow feminized seeds mature into all-female crops. This means that you have the convenience of not worrying about separating male plants nor accidental pollination. Indoor varieties grow about 2 ft tall, but outdoor plants can reach as much as 6 ft. These crops grow quite bushy and develop plump green buds layered in trichomes. White Widow feminized nugs also feature bright orange pistol hairs that make it visually appealing. The strain is hardy and has a strong resistance against most pathogens like mold and mildew. It’s also naturally resilient when it comes to sudden temperature fluctuations, and most marijuana pests steer clear of White Widow feminized.

You still need to keep an eye on your plant for signs of infection and diseases, but overall, it’s a pretty easy crop to maintain. Prune excess leaves to improve light exposure to the lower parts of the foliage and enhance airflow. You can grow your White Widow feminized pot seeds in the soil from the onset or opt for hydroponics. The strain is versatile and flourishes in any grow medium, provided that the correct environmental controls are in place. When assessing the average White Widow feminized seeds grow report, success rates are high. The yields are enhanced even further by using the Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScROG) setups.

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If you opt to extend the vegetative stage to enhance trichome and resin production, you should alter your light cycles slightly. Reduce the daylight hours from 12 to 8. White Widow feminized seeds grow optimally in warm temperatures that vary between 65–80℉. Light exposure is vital for these plants, so be sure to pick a sunny spot when growing outdoors. Regions with moderate humidity are ideal for cultivation outside. Indoor growers need to maintain humidity levels between 65–70% in the early phases of growth. When your crops reach the vegetative stage, lower the RH by 5% weekly so that it’s between 30–40% during the flowering stage. The typical flower time for White Widow feminized is 8–10 weeks, and it’s best to harvest by late September.

The typical indoor yield for these crops is 28oz/m2, and for outdoor varieties, 32oz/plant.

White Widow Feminized seeds genetics

White Widow feminized is the result of crossing two landrace cultivars—Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica. Its lineage gives it a unique profile and intriguing blend of terpenes. Although it’s indica dominant, the effects distinctly reflect the sativa genetics in the initial energy boost. The indica influence is evident in the plant structure and couch-locking properties it induces.

Where to buy White Widow feminized seeds

If you’re looking for White Widow feminized seeds in the USA, check out a reliable seed bank, like Homegrown Cannabis Co. The seed store has a wide selection of strains to choose from, with different cannabis variants to suit all preferences. They offer exciting deals on sought-after products, and you can even score free seeds with certain purchases. Some popular offers are:

  • Buy four seeds and get four free
  • Buy eight seeds and get eight free

When you visit the site, you’ll also have access to helpful blogs and strain-specific information that help develop your skills as a grower. Be sure to check in regularly so that you don’t miss out on these specials. Click here to start your cultivation journey, and order the best feminized White Widow seeds.

White Widow feminized final say

White Widow feminized is a popular hybrid with a dominant pine flavor and interesting earth undertones. Tokers easily recognize the scent, and it’s quite popular on the 420 scene. The effects start off energizing, hitting the brain first. Moments after your first toke, the strain induces a positive mindset that leaves you feeling euphoric and chatty. As the high wanes, you start relaxing and end up in a hungry, mellow couch lock. White Widow feminized is also known for its therapeutic properties, and many medical users cultivate it at home. Growing the strain is straightforward, and there are several ways you can germinate the seeds. Start your White Widow feminized crop now by visiting Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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