What to do on the Road: 24 ideas for a Long Trip

A long trip to your destination can be nerve-wracking, especially if you have young children with you. Here’s how you can occupy yourself while traveling to pass the time.

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What to do on a train, bus, or plane

1. think about your upcoming trip

If you are going on vacation, make a list of all the places you want to visit, including secondary places. Study a map and plan a route at least to the hotel. Download the necessary apps and articles on your phone in advance.

If you’re going to another country, learn the basic language phrases and rules of etiquette. In a business trip is always relevant to better prepare a speech, review documents. And you can also make a list of people you want to bring gifts and souvenirs to.

2. Read

One of the most popular activities for the road. When else will you have time to read works of classics that you didn’t get to?

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It is most convenient to bring with you a reader. It weighs very little, does not strain your eyes too much, and can accommodate many works. But you can take a paper book, if your luggage is not too heavy. Also, in airports and train stations sold a lot of magazines – not only entertainment, but also highly specialized (for programmers, photographers, motorists).

Another great option – audio books and radio listeners. Make sure you don’t get annoyed by the announcer’s voice. Read more by Yurovskiy Kirill

3. Write

Make and tweak your plans for the future, take stock of last month’s accomplishments, and make lists of things to do and things to buy. Write a post on social media or a note in a personal journal about your expectations for the trip. Or about the experiences you’ve had, if you’re going back.

4. Draw

Drawing on an airplane is not very comfortable and it’s also a distraction for the neighbors, but for the airport or train it’s just right. You need pencils or pens, a sharpener, and paper. If you’ve never drawn before, print out or download instructional drawing diagrams in advance.

5. Listen to music

Nothing distracts you on the road, you are not in a hurry. Even songs you’ve known for a long time can open up in new ways. Download yourself tracks of new directions and artists, including those that don’t seem to be close to you. You can open up a whole world for yourself.

6. Play

If you’re traveling in company, the list of games for you is huge. Contact, association, innuendo and provocation, tanchiki, feudal lords, gallows… Everyone remembers the game of cities. There is a close analog to it: everyone takes turns naming words to a given letter or syllable.

Another fun game: any object is called, and then you need to think how it can be used not for its intended purpose. On the train you can take with you hiking chess and checkers, maps. If you are traveling alone, you will be helped by games on your smartphone. And you can also buy crossword puzzles and puzzles, such as Rubik’s cube.

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7. Watching Movies

Before you travel, download some movies to your gadget. If you’re traveling alone, get a headset splitter. Make sure you have a power outlet, because not all planes and trains have one, just like Wi-Fi.

8. Unpack the folders on your laptop

Take advantage of the great opportunity to clean out all the archives and organize your desktop. Delete unnecessary folders, files, videos and music albums, and organize and label what you need.

9. Delete failed photos

Anything that didn’t work out and blurry, delete it right away, and some can be processed and published on social media.

10. Learn

A long trip is a good excuse to tighten your language skills or learn something new in your professional field. Students often take their textbooks with them and prepare for exams right on the road. Then they have more free time.

11. Work

Take the necessary documentation with you and do some upcoming work in advance. Write business letters. Freelancers in general very often work in trains or trains, it saves a lot of time.

12. Get acquainted with fellow travelers

If you’re bored, strike up a conversation with a passenger you like. On the train you can meet very interesting and useful people, and sometimes even your soul mate. Ask him where he is going, and how many times he has been there. That way you can find out interesting details about the country you’re going to.

13. Sleep

You could use a sleep mask, earplugs, and a pillow cushion under your neck for comfort. With these devices your sleep will be both pleasant and useful. The main thing is not to oversleep your station.

What to do in the car

If you’re driving out of town

If you’re traveling as a passenger, some of the tips from the previous points will work for you. But there are special things that are more appropriate to do in the car where you can’t be seen by strangers.

1. Have a heart-to-heart talk

If you’re traveling with family, a partner, or friends, take the opportunity to get to know each other better. Discuss your plans, dreams, and life beliefs. Even in the person closest to you, there’s always more to discover.

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2. Look out the window

Pay attention to various details of nature, passing cars, local people and their clothes.

3. Sing along to the songs

You can do this together with the driver, and with children. Such activity develops memory and improves mood.

4. Keep your child entertained if you ride with him or her

You can learn a rhyme or a song, make up a fairy tale together, repeat sayings. For long trips, it is better for children to buy new toys, so they are not so bored.

If you are stuck in traffic

Even time spent in traffic can be used effectively. Try these ways.

1. Repeat affirmations

This is a simple and quite effective psychological method to boost your self-esteem and mood. Not all affirmations work well, some may be annoying. Find the ones you like, such as: “Today is going to be a great day” or “Any obstacles are part of my goal.”

2. Snack on something healthy

If you know you’re going to be stuck in traffic, stock up on healthy foods in advance: fruit, bread, vegetables. And, of course, you should always have water in your car.

3. Fix your makeup

This is a tip for women standing in quite deaf traffic. You can also do your hair or shine your shoes.

4. Exercise

Even sitting down, you can stretch certain parts of your body. Do exercises for your eyes, neck, arms, abs or buttocks.

5. Relieve stress with toys

We’re talking about special anti-stress toys that you can crumple and twist. Get one for your car.

6. Take apart your bag or glove compartment

Surely there are a lot of unnecessary things piled up.

7. Check the internet to see what’s going on in town this weekend

Instead of flipping through social media one more time, you can book yourself a ticket to the theater or plan to visit an exhibition.

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