What does a MEAN Stack Developer Do?

Before we understand what a MEAN stack developer does, let’s get into the detail about what exactly MEAN stack development is, who is a MEAN stack developer and how one can become one!

What is MEAN stack Development?

MEAN stack is purely a collection of various JavaScript technologies that are used for developing web applications. This means, starting with the client to server and from server to database, everything is JavaScript based. MEAN, a full-stack development toolkit is utilized for developing quick and extensive web applications.

MEAN is quite user-friendly offering adequate solutions for designing dynamic web applications and websites. This free-of-cost, open-source stack allows a fast and organized way of developing rapid prototypes for web applications.

MEAN is an amalgamation of the following technologies:

  • MEAN is comprised of four different technologies:
  • MongoDB express is a schemaless NoSQL database system
  • Express JS is a framework used to build web applications in Node
  • AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google
  • Node.js is a server-side JavaScript execution environment

Who’s a MEAN stack Developer

A MEAN stack developer is primarily a JavaScript-based web application programmer working exclusively on MEAN stack, i.e., MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS. They work on both front-end and back-end JavaScript-based applications. 

What does a MEAN stack developer do?

A MEAN stack developer has to perform the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Build interactive consumer data with the help of multiple systems and using REST to abstract the data to the user interface via Node.js backend.
  • Decide on the methodologies for defining  code architecture decisions for supporting a high-quality and scalable product with minimal level of footprint.
  • Take care of various technical issues and get them resolved as fast as possible.
  • Get in touch with engineers, researchers, and data implementation specialists for designing and creating advanced and efficient systems.

Qualifications and Skills Required to Become a MEAN Stack Developer

There are certain prerequisites for becoming a MEAN Stack Developer. To become a skilled MEAN stack developer, you will need to acquire the qualifications and skills as discussed below:

  • A relevant Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Profound knowledge of NodeJS, ExpressJS or Restify.
  • Good experience in implementation of applications utilizing Angular 1 or React.
  • Knowledge of developing front end applications utilizing HTML5, Angular, LESS/SASS
  • Experience of working with the latest frameworks and design patterns with at least 1-year experience with MEAN Fullstack paradigm.
  • And, in-depth knowledge of the following:
    • Consumer Web Development for high-traffic, public facing web-based applications
    • Cloud-based technologies
    • RESTful-based web services in XML and JSON, Javascript, JQuery
    • CI (Jenkins/Hudson) and version control (SVN, Git)

Salary of a MEAN Stack Developer in India

On average, a MEAN stack developer in India earns around 4.5 lakhs in a year. Let’s get into details of the salary of a MEAN stack developer in India based on the years of work experience:

  • At an entry level, a MEAN stack developer earns at least 3 lakhs in a year.
  • At mid level, with 2 to 3 years of work experience, a MEAN stack developer earns between 4 lakhs and 6 lakhs in a year.
  • At an advanced level, with more than 5 years of work experience, a MEAN stack developer earns between 7 lakhs and 10 lakhs in a year.

We hope by the end of this article you’re able to understand what exactly a MEAN stack developer does, how to become one, and have a lucrative career within a few years of experience.