Use Pages Not Posts for Articles

I have a tip for those of you who are posting YOUR BEST articles in your own blogs and are currently using POSTS when you add and publish them.

Stop doing that immediately! Start using PAGES instead!

I always use a PAGE when I post a really good article because it lasts longer and has more juice if you do it right!

There is a brand new free PDF special report and series of videos by Mike Liebner from Blogging Underground called Blogs Equal Money “Pages NOT Posts” which reveal a brand new strategy of getting top rankings and more search traffic by publishing on Pages instead of posts.

Yes – put your best content on pages instead of posts.

Posts are only on the ront page a short while and disappear as newer posts pile up on top of them. Themost recent 5 or 10 or 15 posts are usually the only posts linked.

Links to pages on a blog are PERMANENT!

Pages last forever at the top or side of all of your blog pages (unless you changed the setting to NOT show your pages)

The fact that every page is linked on all of your pages on your site with give you an internal ranking boost and often by itself push you up in the rankings – especially if your keyword is linked!

Combine this nice little internal linking boost for your article page and go out and get a few additional external quality in content links – such as those from the Blogging Underground blogs – and you can push your way to number one easier than ever for your page.

This can be done for a POST URL but requires MORE EXTERNAL LINKS than a PAGE URL from a WordPress blog.

I’ve seen discussions on this in forums such as Warrior where people are trying to say that pages are not better than posts and that they suggest using posts yet they have no valid reasons. Familiarity is not a good reason.

Consider a lot of those people don’t really understand internal linking and may not even know how to add a page on their blog using the WordPress admin. It’s right there – under add a new post! Just look for it!

Be aware that those people in forums with quick answers and no good explanations don’t always know what they are talking about.

If you believe something – make a case for why you believe it.

PROOF and an explanation of WHY is what we need – not just blind advice.

So – does it make sense that putting your best content on an article page will help you get more top rankings and traffic? I explained why pretty wel I think!

Here is your chance right now to “get it” and start taking advantage of this huge advantage of using pages on blogs that hardly anyone is doing.

Articles that are REALLY GOOD belong in a page instead of a post! More peple will see them! Then – after you add your page – create a new post and ANNOUNCE YOUR PAGE!

PAGES get linked everywhere. Posts are in rss feeds and help announce the page!

Add your best articles in a PAGE (on the side of WordPress admin it says Pages and “Add New”) and make sure your target keyword is in the PAGE TITLE.

This URL by the way is a page and you will note it is linked site wide!

Here is the POST in which I announced the page:

See! That’s how to do it!

So – now you have a huge advantage! I suggest you investigate this strategy further. Go see what the Pages Not Posts Strategy is really all about!

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