Bodybuilding Nutrition Basics

September 22nd, 2008 by nicka241

Over the years, I’ve found that keeping your bodybuilding nutrition plan simple…easy to understand and easy to follow, typically leads to the most lasting bodybuilding results!

In order to gain muscle mass, you must make an effort to get more calories into your body. In order to make this happen, you will need to eat a balanced variety of the muscle building macro nutrients…

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat

Each of these nutrients is critical to the muscle building process. Eliminating just one of them from your bodybuilding nutrition plan be enough to bring your muscle gain to a screeching halt!

Lets take a look at the role each of these muscle building nutrients plays in your weight gain diet…

Proteins are considered to be the building blocks of all human tissue, not the least of which is lean muscle mass. Each gram of muscle building protein contains 4 calories.

Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred energy source, especially during high-intensity exercise.

Fats are responsible for helping to maintain brain function as well as supplying energy to the body.

“At a whopping 9 calories per gram, fat contains 225% more calories than both carbohydrates and protein!”

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