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Keyword Research - Keywords are the secret weapon!

Hello! It's Mike Liebner from Article Underground here!

Keyword Research is the Secret Weapon

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Hi this is Mike Liebner from

Today I'm going to to talk about little bit about keyword research and explain some other methods did I use for keywords research for Article Underground.

Now the first thing I want to point out about keywords research is that it is all subjective information. In other words depending on the source that you are getting data from it has a bias towards the message that it using.

Now that said, I have numbers in a different way so now to show you some of the ways that I find keywords. How I would use keywords to enhance one my own site ss well shared the process of digging for keywords for Article Underground so we write articles about the absolute best keywords out there. So I share some of that strategy with you.

Right after that how you say that when you subscribe to Article Underground a lot of this keyword research is done for you, so as you move along in progressing your career and with your business as web publisher the need will come up for keyword research on your own.

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For example when you start a brand new site you may dig around a little bit and find out what words in general you should be targeting your efforts towards. Now the great thing about Article Underground and the process that I use to give a ghostwriter the best keywords to write our articles about is that I create a list of 1000 and probably 100 of 1000 keywords are good enough to write articles about.

I run the software which will show you in a minute and its basically strips out the less profitable keywords. And what’s left is the list of words that I give to the writers and I say ok. There are 18 or 19 of you writers and here are the keywords I need articles on. Write on these topics and include these big money keywords.

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So maybe they open up a excel list with 10,000 keywords on it and it is up to them which article for which word they are going to write their article about. So for me I think it is the best approach from the management stand point and for us offering Article Underground members articles that are very good for top rankings on the search engines.

I think my way is the best way to write an article. Other ways maybe they choose the wrong keywords & say ok give me articles about acne. You may get bunch of article with words either too super competitive or just not worth going after or you get articles with words they really just you know don’t have a combination of traffic and hi enough click bit to be of any significant. If the words are too competitive it will be hard to rank top ten. If the words have no traffic then ranking top ten is worth little if not nothing.

That said the articles are written based on the keywords I give them. Now is a manager according to underground in the keyword research I make decisions on how I decide which keyword is suitable. Now you may not agree with those decisions and you may use different software to run your research and that’s great. Because you know you really never do so much research.

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My point in general isn’t my research is absolutely on collectable best and it think it is pretty good. But it a lot better then just blindly throwing out 400 articles about 400 keywords with this great chance with 60 or 70 % of those keywords or not going to to rank.

So my hoping for Article Underground is stacking with that in favor of publishers and making it so easy and so simple for them lick it up in running. So basically you present with article and already all the research done so you can simply focus on making the article look like on the web page and getting ranks.
So it basically saves web publishers from a ton of work. Now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t two key words research because you should. You should be adding more pages you should be using keywords research when you decide what web site to start, so you can pick names domain names you can decide what categories your going to have in your site perhaps. Lot of reason you should be doing research.

Ok one more about that.

Lets go for few examples and show you how would actually go through the process of picking some keywords. I haven’t plan some kind of windows and I going to start the program running in the background and to see as go along how it finds the words. And I allow some pause because it does take a quit a long time for it to show some results come back later.

Ok but use by my side and this is the classic example of place holder side. In my case I bought, I did some research and I decided that beginner investing was the good search term to go after. So I forget the time probably it could six or eight months ago I bought this domain and I basically put up a web page very simple nothing special infect it is just a header logo with some sub domain with blog in I have some our accessed fee which showed some article in the case one of the Article Underground blogs business finance marketing. So this page is not going to any word much less to get any traffic.

Some body can earn ranks up to four and probably about six months old so this web side is act the I like to call it ripe, is ripe to do business it has track record, it already been index in the search engine, has history there can share it because it has dynamic contents to exchanging it so today is the 18th and look they came by yesterday in the index.

So the point isn’t so much that pages getting ready to ranking its not but I am at point right now go ahead to do some research and put some smarter call i could ride myself so I could find Article Underground articles or use by the way all member use them I want to use the same articles.

If I were not Article Underground member, I go to the 400 articles in the base term of the keywords so I go after and I put related keywords on this investing site so for now for Article Underground they do I going to ahead create a basic list of words. That I am going to to research because I wanna find out of the good words that I give to my riders. So they write articles relating to investing. So what I'm going to do I go to the overture keyword Gus chin to all which is call keywords selection for some reason and I'm going to type in the name of my side was beginner investing.

So the first thing I going to type in is the actual phrase. Beginner in investing. I going to go ahead to see what about voucher give me. So the term itself which ha optimize the site for i going to be targeting and trying to rank for beginner investing. And here I could see here overture estimate is about 1629 searches each month. So personally I feel as a snitch web marketer that if there more than 200 searches a month it worth going after the phrase.

I'm not saying that it is not worth going after to these phrases because there is 200 but for Article Underground for the purpose of heaving articles written we need to driver lines in some one personally I do ride it 200 above. So right there these are the only words that I would be using in putting out my list. So I just going to go ahead copy those and put on a paper here not the best way to do this but just want to show how i accumulate words and give the software something to lick going with.

Ok now I going to back to overture in putting investing and there cases. Alright, so as we can se investing in general does get a good amount of traffic. Infect you go down the list every single one of them is 200 and above. So all of these could be researched for the potential or a form reading articles about. So I going to do to grab this particular information here, how copy it, and already I have Microsoft excel open.

I will open up a new spread sheet and a blank work book and paste it in that header. That all me to clean up the numbers of the beginning. Alright so now just I have basically keywords which I can copy and I could go back to my text file which can be my research sheet and I can just paste it all those words. Now the interesting thing overture form is perfect infect what masters have been known to manipulate it so here we see an example some body using one of those where of a kind phrases trying to influence the overture by doing a search amount of searches for it and here searches about it are really not good one.

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But in general I don’t master with these, I just take all of these words and put amount here. Ok, so we have basically a list decencies list so for and now one of the other use to get keywords from is niche but and the source is particular very helpful. So we go ahead to type in investing, we can get bunch of suggestions. Alright so what we get here, so the term beginner investing so course make sense go after investment is well. So what I going to do I going to take that and I going to get back to the overture suggestion tools and I going to go ahead to put in investment. And I'm also going to to grab these words and I'm going to to put little file which is going to be the basis of my research. So here we go we going to have a nice size list investment once again all them over 200 which is good so they all have potential again to get traffic and I going to copy them again and I'm gong to put them in another spread sheet lets do it first, it new one actually.

New blank work book paste the mint and once again I going to get the numbers, I going to copy the terms themselves and undo the text file they go. So I just paste them here, here we are. So I save it and that will be the basic list that I'm going to use to research on.

So the next step actually before I go to the another research acne using these particular amount but keyword explosion is a great tool and I use it snag keywords to use the mission that I run I basically going to go throw them. But one of the rally co-feature you could do is going to search by the number of term so if we go for the investing we could search for investing term that only say four keywords or five keyword or even six keywords. So lets go ahead for that and select six keywords.

And I'm going to to rank them clicks most of least. Because I believe traffic is just little bit more Important then the dollars click. Because it could be high dollar click but no boy ever searches for to click on it, it really isn’t worth going after so it 10 cent phrase they get 20 clicks a day or 200 visit a month on the search engine and go after the 50dollar phrase and only got you know, You know one click a month is just not worth it. Alright So here we go I going to put the term in investing and right now there are only one 6 words phrases are little difficult. So lets try this again. We go with investing and what try five beginner investing.

Lets try five here oops and I get more clicks. And here we go nice list of words so the great thing about all these words, either there are getting a recently high class book let 2.67,3.94 and these are great words I put to the new web pages.

So here is heap of explosion. You should definitely check out the two of the happy pick up words of the 4,5,6 words in the lang. great way find to low competition keywords. I go ahead I have below bad share because may be some of these really good to go after.

Ok so now what is the point to go ahead and to the research on the keywords so I'm going to to open up my software program here and I going to get a new project and I'm going to be searching from a local file. And the program editor is basically already setup in the program. And for now because I'm going to be showing how many words withdraw way. I going to select the do not use the filter option. So basically it not going to filter the results.

So here I going to go ahead and go find by little low index file. Its in keyword research, here in investing, its my rolest. And go ahead and fire up the research software. So its just going to go ahead basically filter these based on the programmer that I given it. In this case I decide to go with no filter because I did want to show u every word it researches. And I wanna shoe how many of them are garbage. Because if you waste time on the garbage It going to take away from your effort going after the really you know high quality stuff so I make a number decisions is on your behalf and I think I do very good job course it open to debate and every body has different method to doing research but the point is better to do some research them now research is off. And the great thing is it all done sound included in our Article Underground infect you lost the raw spreadsheet.

For example here is a particular mission launching its launching the data and come back to explain in the minute. Basically the end result is spread sheet just like this one and this one is the particular mission that I rand for wipe. And basically what I did, these are number of ways to do the keyword research the software I use, once again there is lot of different software and they all have merits but what I like about the software that I have is that you have a choice to give a satiric list which I just did here for investment which is just raw waste worth list of words and its going to through to every single go one of these and it going to decide you know whether the word worth going after. Its going to go ahead to check how money overture searches there are per month as you see lot of work they are handling it not really worth after.

Going to see how many google results there are if there is too many pages its not worth writing an article. There will be too much competition. This call going to pay intention too. Which really important is that there are enough google adwords campaigns. And in this case it going to be unfiltered but personally I lonely use keywords they have a five or more campaigns. Ya I generally grab it to take 10 more campaigns.

So lot of these, they have you know 2 campaigns, three campaigns, they just know what worth they going after. Because if they aren’t enough relevant adwords as u put on the page google can understand for the other stuff and you really don’t know of what going to be relevant. In the one key clicks so its just no worth there is not five words campaigns. I don’t bother with it. We do not have article with no bought it.

For its bid this is a subjective thing and what I like to point out is well its great to have a higher bid, and we wish that every body can bid 2dollars, 5dollars or 20 dollars u know 75 dollars. The reality is you can make a ton of money if you go you know one did this sum.

Here is an example here 1 is of just 30 cents it can 2000 visits a day. If you put deliver investment on your web page it going to high index, I gota high bid, it doesn’t have adwords.

Ok use this one. But if we find ones they have enough adwords the point is if you put the right words on your pages can triggered the right adds it going to be easy to get traffic and then, when you add about the pages also going to get if you have a lot of these battered words you can increase the likely goodly going to get traffic but because of article with not primary words it can not triggered right ads for the highest prices so with the combination of high traffic, high words, low competition.

This is Cookie which is, with this software proprietary formula so I even don’t know the formula but I do trust that based on the information it researches. There is a good chance if there is one or greater and you know obviously 9900, 400 is allow better than one. But anything more that greater to me in the case have good chance to high likely hood.

Just by putting Florida Real Estate investing on the page because it has the 91kei. It is a good chance to you going to be able to get high rank on it. And make sense look with just four words so this stuff really does work. So if you look at the research you say oo ya it don’t like a sentence. Ya may I only can get sentence with a look it has 9828kei. Now I would news this particular one because this has no adwords, but if it would had five or more I use it. Oo comeback in a few minute or explain it a little bit better but here is a finished our research mission. They have all of the does filter out so only has keyword have 10 sense or more, some time it did two sense or genuinely give two sense sometimes of 20 sense.

For the most probably two sense because I figured like here in example, I have a good one here. On the ten sense. If you go after digital playground even though you have ten sense. Its reasonably high kei6 nothing the scream for. But there is good likely hood that isn’t enough traffic this ten cent worth going on after. Now the better one is even there like here is an other one you know really good.

Its only ten cents but telephone, white page will be the great keyword go after look even those 10 cents KEI 1319 and the search 6500 amount for have these three words in it. So just putting those words an article with that phrase on such a good chance you going to get good traffic with that having a bundle backwords together. Its simple you just put the article up you add few extra words, you get these link towards and because of the low competition that’s the kind of phrase on making money.

Sure its only 10 cents but look at the other factors it make all worth going after. Now course I daily you want to have article with about 2 dollars worth business found system or dial up provider. 7.33dollar and we do include all these words as well as now it have 5 or more adwords and the bid is high, index is high and enough searches will include we do not discrimanting high bid keywords. The whole thing that all of these factors have to be in a row otherwise do not approved for articles to be written.

Now the other thing is just like a one list which I could give to riders. This list have 565 words so we going to give these to the riders and they will say it ok. Here is a list basically about wipe and other related topics on it. Write what you know about it. It is the article what you would like to write about.

So as the rider they can take a look on the list ok well I can divide article on the best internet service provider and that way pick each of them articles now going to end up. Reading well because there is a written so rider know about to write on them. In that also you going to include the proper descry so the word going to triggered the right adds or yahoo adds. So that is the result you getting hire clicks.

Now I go ahead in this submission in generally to take any word from 2 to 6 hours to run. Because it has to go throw each and every word that in my original list and there familiar words around here. Just let me take one look here.

So I going to go ahead the software do things and I going to pause this and I going to come back to part two where I going to to evaluate this list to show you exactly how many words going to thrown out. Just take a look on all these zeros and the words that don’t have enough searches.

So I going to pause it. I going to come back in few minutes. Alright we are back. And the research is done and I'm going to go ahead to explain you exactly what I would do with mission after it gone through and it done all the search on the data for the keywords. So here we can jump to the spread sheet which is the results so here we have 220 however the first line is blank that 219 words to the start plus.

So lets go ahead and start doing low how cleaning here and I'm go ahead and see how many words will end up from my starting point of 219 words so what we got here what I going to do I will go to sort all these look all those zeros we going to get all of those so I going to go ahead so sort it starting with the KEI index and so what we going to do these here so write here anything zero and below gets dumpts.

Ok what the others numbers are if its not easy to go after its not worth having articles about them. Alright now we have some pages here which we have to sort because all are important lets go ahead and first of we get of the overture errors and natural whether here go for the some reasons you couldn’t get the data go ahead and I will give bid that everything cane simple how then we go through the searches we going to search that and alright we can get anything that 200 or less and here we go so out of the 219 we started with oops we have to do the adwords.

We started the adwords ok. Not done yet, sort the adwords and ok, look at these some body has 19 adwords. Only 90 and the KEI 10371. do you think investing in stock could be easy to go after and profitable. Must be it 90 adwords ok lets go ahead and column of these adwords. Lets go ahead and get off anything 5 and under depends on feeding that day.

Sometimes go 10 and under but today we got 5 and under and that leaves us with a grand total of 95, because the first line is for the column. So 95 out of 219 words to start out with a list. Or good enough to write articles. So that just give you an idea then the keyword research, just doing the research is not enough but to make some decisions as to what worth going on after. And the resulting page that we have here all these words they have high enough bid click the 10 cents or more they have high KEI there one or greater and then the searches are significant enough.

There these going to be enough traffic fords because you don’t wanna rank number 1 for a world because no body going to looking for so for example, here is a good one stock market investing for dummies that be great to go after. 31 cents they pay for the click and the KEI is pretty high at 57. and that is 5 words phrase there just be like shooting fishing in a barrow were going after low hanging fruit as other has been know to say.

Here is an other one, beginner estate investing real all aggressive poverties as beginning, beginner real estate investing but his particular phrase 2. that’s not a good example. Because no body search like that. Business finance investing plan retirement small.

You know that is the way people really search. At the day of searching of 1 or 2 words is gone now a days people search for 4, 5, 6 words even longer sometimes. So this is the high KEI index. The bid is 37 cents an there is 81 adwords and it has 462 searches a month. So these are the kind of words that would make the cut and would be given to our riders now this is a very small example because we only one after. 219 begin worth so it is smallest begin worth. but you can see more than have of them you know we thrown way and we are not going to use infect 124 of the keywords phrases are garbage.

So the point is the Article Underground articles are only written about words that are there determent to have a lie high likelihood of making your money and the factors there are important are the number of searches as determined by overture the number of adwords for google the more adwords better the high overture bid. If it is 491 overtures then probably 10 bugs are on google. Further who knows? But it gota be 10 cents more because anything under 10 cents isn’t worth going after.

And city interesting thing is when you put out the other filters in bios. You putting much get ride of the week on the rounds so there isn’t hardly here 10 cents as begin worth. Because they are all relatively high. In the KEI which is the index competition index possibly the most important roll of them. Because if it has a high KEI so it very good likelihood.

There are going to be able to do the rank easily on google. So if you put words with anything one or greater on the KEI index combining with the other factors. You are going to make money. In the Article Underground articles they are written for these kinds of words. So that’s keywords research how we use with the Article Underground. There is one more thing I did want to show you.

Now the software I did use in the application which I showed you was based on using a list of words. Well an other thing that show is lot of fun is to go ahead and have the software analyze web page. So here I created a web page with 3 phrases on it puma shoes, drafting table, nalgene bottle. Whatever the hell that is. But those are the words people search for.

So I going to go ahead and take you and our and I could have a software to a brand new project and instead of heaving it look at the local file I can have it go throw a web page and they would give me data on the words I find on the web page. But even more important its going to go through that page and its look up similar words so even you only start a worth you know those couple of words puma shoes, drafting table and nalgene bottle, what ever the hell that is.

Its going to go ahead and find the tons of words which going to be related to word. Let it do a business for here so they found 471 words to starting with those three phrases. These thins are relative and it just keep going to check overture, check the sources you know find related words similar words to go the google throw and basically I think its a big fright it checks the last word every one of 1000. so what we going to to look live as it goes throw an analyzer at web page for puma shoes and any other things. And we would see some exciting words it going to find for us.

Now with these words and these are the kind of words did Article Underground articles are written about. Words that nobody is thinking of. People are not just going after these words because they are not finding how. It’s a million you going to decide and write an article on a nalgene bottle. But look its got what? It is nelgene bottle. It got 57 overture bid, 49 overture so the point is it the research we do here is not perfect. I do think it is the best the premiers that I used to did it I believe it perfect for Article Underground members but the fact we doing research is you know puts that’s much more favor because you know wasting our time you know what about the research, lets go to the overture.

All this stuff I showed you the hours and hours they go throw some of these reports. Sometimes I like theses things over the night they just go forever. Because you just checking you know 100 and 1000 actually mini, mini thousands of words because as you get see we started with puma shoes, drafting table, nalgene bottle and you know look kind of words are coming up with here. I would never guessed these animation tables, drafting supply some how those words are related to these words and its really exciting and I wanna look these words and I look the finished spreadsheet and I remove once down what they going to worth after. To me these words you know they just smell like money.

There its like shooting fish in a barrow and they are going after low hanging fruits so being an Article Underground member you entitled to use the research to put the words on you pages and of course the articles are already for these kind of keywords.

Alright with that I close this episode on keyword research and I hope it will help you to learn something and I hope you like the mythology we use here to make sure the article are the highest quality and the highest value for you.

This is Mike from Article Underground. I wish you happy article marketing.

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