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Free Search Engine Traffic and The Desire To Succeed!

Hello! It's Mike Liebner from Article Underground PLR Articles here with some helpful info!

Are your thoughts focused on how great it would be to achieve success and pull in tons of free targeted traffic from the search engines? Or are you spending too much time worrying about how hard it is to achieve success and are not convinced you can get top rankings for keywords that can make you money?

Be careful what you think of - because your mind plays a part in determining how life plays out for you.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!"

When I hear people offer negative self doubting comments or get angry about things that happen to them and try to build up a case for all the reasons that they will NOT be successful I like to stop them and get the focus onto all the good things that can happen.

When you change what you think about and the way you look at things that happen to you - well... the things CHANGE! Sure, there is more to it than that of course, but I can say with confidence that more times than not the winners focus on the PRIZE and not on the obstacles between them an the prize.

Change you focus - optimize your outlook and good things will happen more often! It works for me and I know it can work for you!

Don't worry, this article and the articles that follow in this series about free search engine traffic are not strictly motivational in nature. They are really about getting tons of free search engine traffic. I hope you make it past the beginning motivational intro as the content here is very juicy and worth reading if you have a desire to become a web publishing success story!

From time to time I will try to share my positive outlook with my readers, newsletter subscribers and premium members and hopefully I will inspire you to go out there and claim the abundant riches that are available to all of us! I sincerely feel there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for all of us involved in internet marketing and web publishing. More than enough for all of us to thrive and enjoy success and an abundance of riches!

While some of you may already be thinking I must be from California (I am) that it's harder to achieve success that I am letting on.... It's only as hard as you make it! I believe it's all about the way you look at things! If you brighten your perspective and focus on winning the path to success will not only be shorter but it will also be faster! I hope I can help enhance your perspective a bit and encourage you to get motivated to take action and claim what is rightfully yours!

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Are you stuck in a rut? Are you caught up in information overload? Are you skeptical about the possibility of making money from free search engine traffic? In a sense I can't blame you. Many products out there are distracting you and taking your focus off the things that will make your dreams reality. In order to achieve success you need to boil down your efforts to the core tasks that will focus energy and bring you results.

I'm not suggesting that you avoid learning and coaching and instruction, but I am asking that you pick a system and follow that path with focus and positive energy. Avoid taking in too much advice and remember that differing opinions can dissolve the power of your focus.

The biggest problem I see people run into is that they get confused and overwhelmed because they take in too much information from too many sources. Instead of applying a system and sticking with it till they reach success, I see many people trying a scattered approach and then they get negative and feel like it's not possible to be a winner. The result is they often will stall and stop trying.

You need to take action but it must be targeted action with a focus on the goals you set.

Unless you take action and apply the things you learn, and set things in motion, you really can't expect money to magically fall into your lap, can you???

SEO Changes in 2008

Yes, it may be possible that there are reasons why you SHOULDN'T BE SUCCESSFUL. I can't deny a few of those reasons may exist.

But I guarantee you, if you get those "negative" pessimistic reasons out of your thoughts and mind, and alternately focus on all the MILLIONS of reasons why you potentially DESERVE TO BE SUCCESSFUL, that SUCCESS WILL FIND YOU, BEFORE it finds someone who isn't asking for it.

How badly do you want to be successful??? If you want it bad - then ask for it! Think about it! Imagine it! You need work for it! Do the kind of things that people who already have what you want, have been doing to become successful and I promise you - you will find yourself having the things you have been thinking of.

There is a great old saying that goes something like: "Whether you think you can or think you can't - either way you are right"

If you want to achieve top rankings and get lots of free search engine traffic coming to your web pages you need to focus on the core things that will help you attain this. In my training and video materials I try to get people to focus on 2 core things: 1) Build pages 2) Get links

Sure, you can spend your time on any of a number of other things, but to me, the fastest path to success in web publishing is focusing on getting the best words you can onto web pages and then promoting those pages by making efforts to get other web sites to link to your pages.

Those 2 activities, while not the only activities, will bring you the greatest returns on your efforts. Keep adding new fresh web pages to your web sites and keep working to get links pointing at your web pages. You almost can't help but get top rankings and soon you'll have targeted visitors spending time on your web pages and hopefully taking action and making you money!

Now, that brings us to an entirely different task you need to be aware of and that is monetizing your web sites. Monetization is done in a number of ways and can include selling advertising or promoting products (your own or those of others). Savvy web publishers will take this a step further and also try to build a "mailing list" of subscribers whom can be contacted in the future by email. While those topics deserve a longer discussion, you should realize that as time goes on you perfect those things and achieve better returns on your efforts. Start with adding lots of great content to your web sites and getting links to them and as you achieve small victories towards success, you'll gain insight and personal experience which will help you achieve the goals you aspire towards.

The Missing Link Video

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