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The Power of Statistics

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Announcing the all new Article Underground Words = Money videos "Power of Statistics" Part 1 and Part 2.

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The 2 videos will show you how easy it is to get your web publishing business started and get traffic and clicks coming in, and more importantly how by using stats you can create your own destiny by building upon small successes and turning them into large ones.

I am very pleased that my friend Gregory Wexler, an Aricle Undeground member, was kind enough to allow me access to his personal Adsense Tracker statistics! This made covering stats very exciting for me because it uses a real world case study with Greg as an example.

With Greg having 3 months under his belt as a web publisher and Article Underground member, it gave me an opportunity to reveal what Greg has done right AND wrong. Better yet, it allowed me to show real world examples of how you can turn a small moderate success into a bigger one by focusing efforts on improving something that is already working.

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It's a lot easier to make 1 into 2 or 10 into 20 than by doing a random scattered approach of just throwing stuff out there and hoping for the best. I've said it before and truly believe that the best information in the world is the info you can get from your own statistics. It will show and teach you things even the hippest and most respected gurus can't show you. Looking at Adsens Tracker stats is far more valuable than any tips you'll get from a guru or internet marketing professional because your stats are based on what is really happening to you! And that is very powerful.

As we'll see in the two videos, my friend Gregory who was initially not that excited over Adsense Tracker (part of the Adsense Gold Package), quickly gained enthusiasm when we delved into the success he had no idea he was enjoying, just by studying his stats.

"One of my favorite tools to analyze statistics on my web pages is AdsenseTracker, a part of the ArticleGold package."

AdsenseGold with Adsense Tracker is the perfect compliment to an Aricle Underground membership!

Sometimes all it takes is looking at things a little differently to find the silver lining. AdsenseTracker is the kind of stats program that will reveal a goldmine of potential profits to you. If you do not already have it, I suggest scraping together 97 bucks as fast as you can and running to the URL below.

Mike Liebner,

You'll see it put to use in the 2 videos. Personally, I couldn't live without it. And as you'll see in the video, I think Greg may now feel the same way, now that he knows more than simply what keywords are bringing him traffic. He now knows the exact search engine query URL's that bring people to his web pages and better yet CLICK ON ADS. For AdsenseTracker will show you what pages you get clicks on, where they came from and with that kind of info you can do all kinds of things to get more of that sweet action.

OK, enough of that... I did't intend to pimp that product, but as you'll see in the video, it truly is the bomb!

OK, I guess I should remind you about the URL to the members videos! They rock!

<URL supressed - sign up for links to videos>

I hope you enjoy the videos! I truly believe this info can really help you kick your business into overdrive!

As always feel free to write me with your comments and questions!

Best regards,

Mike Liebner

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