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Mike's Personal Keyword Statistics

Thursday, 11-2-06

Mike Liebner from Article Underground here!

Would you like to check out My Personal AdsenseTracker Keyword Stats?

Each keyword phrase has gotten Adsense clicks and made me money!

Huh? Is this for real??? Personal data???

Yes! Thousands of keywords that bring me free search engine traffic!

From time to time I'll be revealing the raw keyword statistics from some of my personal web sites.

Yes, I know - some people think I am crazy for giving away this data. If you know me, you likely already know I believe the more you give, the more you shall receive in return! So I have no reason not to share the keywords that are making me money.

I make more than enough money NOT to have to worry if you guys have some good luck and also can get some easy traffic from my personal stats!

I'm happy to SHARE because I really do want ALL OF YOU to succeed and make some decent money as an Internet Marketer!

PLUS I firmly believe there is ABUNDANCE! There is more than enough money and riches to go around for all of us that play the Internet Marketing game!

OK, so what have I got for you today?

Well, I want to show you a sample selection of keywords that comes from a complete set of data that I have uploaded for Article Underground Members today. A set of 7,731 keywords.

Not just any keywords, but keywords that have actually made me money on my personal web sites! People arrived to my sites from searching for these keywords and actually CLICKED on Google Adsense ads!

Article Underground members belong to a special community where we ALL share with each other. I give you guys EVERYTHING I've got and do NOT hold back!

This is just one example. And I'm not the only one at AU that shares! The members are generous too! It's a membership like you have never seen where we all work together and give in the hopes that we will receive far more than we give!

In fact AU members are now giving like never before with over 100 member contributed announcement blogs that you can link your web sites on! How's that for giving!!!

If you haven't tried this GIVING thing - trust me - it's a win win!
Give and you shall receive!

So... back to my personal data... Wanna have a peek at what I gave the members a few minutes ago???

Today I have uploaded 4 groups of personal keywords on spreadsheets for Article Underground Members with the latest data from some of my web sites. They contain 7,731 keyword phrases that are FRESH and get people to my web sites and then CLICK!

Get a glimpse at some of the keyword phrases that are actually getting me free search engine traffic and more importantly Adsense clicks! These keywords are making me money!

These particular reports are current as of today and are for 4 groups of my personal domains from Adsense Tracker (in Adsense Gold).

If you do not yet have AdsenseGold, you should check it out!

AdsenseGold has a great stats program called AdsenseTracker which helps me collect data like this so I know exactly what keywords bring people to my web sites and more importantly, prompt visitors to click on Adsense Ads! Powerful data!

Members can grab the 4 new keyword spreadsheets at the Members Keyword Research section of Article Underground and see ALL 7,731 money making phrases!

For you - my loyal article marketing news subscribers, I would like to show you a generous sample of some of the keywords. I have a link on the free keyword research section of Article Underground that will show you the keywords:

Keyword Research

more >>>


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These reports show the actual keywords that have gotten me Adsense clicks. ONLY words that got me clicks. So this is not guesswork - it is based on FACT!

Notice the weirdest combinations of words are making me Adsense money, even though I have made NO effort to combine the words that people search for. I don't even know what half of the phrases are for BUT that didn't stop people from finding my pages and clicking on Adsense ads.

Did you know that WORDS EQUAL MONEY???
If you signed up for the free Artcle Marketing News Newsletter you'd know all about it!

My point is that the MORE words you have on your web pages, the more GOOD LUCK you will have because people search for highly unusual combinations of words. Also keep in mind that you don't necessarily need to have ALL of the words people search for on your page, just some of them, because there is ZERO competition for the majority of these search queries. So even if you only have 4 of the
5 words they are searching for, your site may still be the top ranking on the search engines because there is no exact match.

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How can you use these keywords? Well, most all of the keyword phrases, especially the longer phrases are really easy to rank top ten for... so why not sprinkle some of these words on your related pages... you may just get a ranking on that alone... OR why not add a PHRASE to a PAGE AND get a few well placed text links in a few of the Article Underground Announcements Blogs to that page with that same KEYWORD PHRASE in the LINK TEXT... that should be an easy way to snag some extra traffic!

Example: Do you have an article about boats?? Then why not put "reposessed boats" on the page in a few new sentences or in a resource box? That's an easy way to turn an already good page into a better one because as you can see I have gotten clicks from ads that show on pages with "reposessed boats" from rankings on the search engines.

While you're at the Keyword Research section make sure and check out the other keyword lists as well as the videos if you have not already watched them!

Keyword Research

I also need to tell you that if you've been on the waiting list I'm happy to inform you that a handful of memberships are available to the Article Underground Content & Traffic System. Sign up now, it's still only $97.

Article Underground

Best wishes for some happy article marketing success!

Mike Liebner

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