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Keyword Research is the Secret Weapon! New Video!

Monday, 6-19-06 2:55 PM PST

My new video "Keyword Research is the Secret Weapon" will really open up your eyes and show you the power of words and how they can impact the number of people visiting your site and how much you can make.

Not all words are created equal!

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Check out this sample list of Article Undergound Big Money Keywords

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Five years ago I could go after the most prized 1 and 2 word phrases and snag an obscene amount of traffic by ranking in the top ten.

It just isn't that simple anymore with so much competition from other web publishers targeting those same huge traffic keywords. Just take a look at the top ten on Google for a keyword search query like "music" or "money" or "travel".

Only the big companies and the largest of web publishers can compete for those hard to rank big money keywords. You need to invest a huge amount of time, effort and MONEY to get top tens for keywords like those!

So what are we supposed to do, roll over and stop trying to get top tens??? Hell no!

But now we have to work SMARTER! Keyword research is the secret weapon!

In the past my personal strategy was to ONLY go after huge big time keywords that had more than 1,000,000 searches per month on the Overture lists. It may have taken me a month or two or even 6 months to get a top ten ranking, but the payoff was just so friggin' huge that it was worth the shot in the dark.

It never was EASY but at least back then it was attainable by mere mortals such as myself!

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Nowadays, there are simply too many companies and people playing the Adsense game, plus combined with the fact that everybody's Aunt and Uncle are trying to make a living from the web, the playing field is too crowded to go after the same big time words as the general population.

But that's OK! There are thousands of lesser known little gem keywords out there waiting for us to bully the pages currently in the top ten and push them to the side.

Michael Campbell calls them "low hanging fruit"! I say they're so easy to get top tens with that its' "like shooting fish in a barrel"!

So, if it is so darn easy to get that traffic, why aren't all the Aunties and Uncles going after those words???

Hey, I never said it was easy to find those words! It requires time and effort and solid research strategies to harvest keywords that are ripe for the taking. Keywords that are waiting for us to dominate the top of the rankings.

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As you can see in the video, running keyword research missions takes time! Sometimes I'll even go to bed with the mission still running so I can harvest every tasty keyword that is ripe! But don't worry! I do all the work so you do not have to!

Clickbank is the Missing Link

Now that's where the power of a premium content & traffic membership such as Article Underground comes in.

Not only is there strength in numbers (content, tips, info, links, mentoring...), but the fact that Article Underground offers perhaps the best keyword research of it's kind gives AU members an opportunity to save time and jump ahead of the pack and target traffic that not only is significant, but in many cases is being ignored by the lazy Aunties and Uncles!

Face it! Most people do not have a clue about keyword research! To most people keyword research means looking at a list of words from Overture and picking the ones they like. Or maybe some webmasters snoop at their competitions meta tags to see what keywords they are targeting and they steal them. Big deal!

That is NOT keyword research!

Millions of web pages are targeting the same beaten to death words! That's not what I call good odds for success!

Now tell me - if all everybody is doing is basically looking at the same lists of keywords, how can everybody make a living with that kind of competition???

You can't! At least not easily and that's what my whole game plan is about these days. Doing things the smart and easy way. Getting results fast and going after the money that others are leaving on the table.

OK, so you may be saying - yes - but NICHE marketing is far from revolutionary! Yes, you are right! Niche is becoming a mainstream buzz word too, but heck - everybody has been going niche! It's not enough to simply have a niche web site or two! You need valuable words that will really bring the web site traffic AND make money!

Now, don't get me wrong, I am NOT advocating going MICRO NICHE and targeting scraps that aren't worth picking up off the floor. I'm just suggesting that if you work smarter instead of harder that there are some riches to be gathered. And that's why a membership like Article Underground has so much value.

It allows you to focus on the important things like making article web pages and getting links, and save time by using the research that is provided to just a small and exclusive group of members.

As demonstrated in the video "Keyword Research is the Secret Weapon" you will see how more than 50% of the words that most web pages target are pure junk and garbage.

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More than HALF of those huge lists of raw keywords that webmasters typically gather up are pure crap!

More than HALF of those words have zero chance of getting any traffic, much less getting good click money.

Why waste time writing articles about words that have zero potential??? Or in most cases LESS than ZERO!

Let me explain...

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If you are building a real content web site targeting BLIND lists of RAW keywords with HALF of them being garbage (little or no profit potential), you will need to do DOUBLE the work to make some decent money!

It's much easier to target a high percentage of keywords that are RIPE and READY for the taking.

As an Article Underground Content & Traffic System Member you are presented with 400 articles each month covering a broad range of exact keyword phrases. The keywords the articles are written about are the most researched and scrutinized aspect of Article Underground!

Each Article Underground zip contains 400 articles with highly researched keywords that are not only profitable and have high traffic, but are so unique that in many cases they are completely overlooked by 99% of the webmasters playing the Adsense Publishing game!

Keyword Research is truly a secret weapon! Cut your work in half and ONLY build web pages with keywords that snag quality traffic and fast! Zoom past the competition doing less work!

Enjoy the video! It's about 35 minutes long and has a little something for everyone.

It's at the article Marketing news subscribers video page

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Try the MIRROR as it may be faster if there is a lot of traffic!

A zip file is also provided in case you have a slow internet connection.

I often get emails and questions from members asking whether they can use the articles in a Wordpress blog! The answer of course is YES and now even more so as Rapid Niche Websites will allow you to make a unique, attractive, professionally designed and customized blog for your niche domain or sub-domain and quickly and easily help you set up header graphics, color schemes and more, all without ever having to tinker with CSS style sheets!

Best wishes for happy and successful article marketing!

Mike Liebner

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