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Issue 001 Article Marketing News!

Issue 001 - April 2006

In this article marketing newsletter I have several news items and announcements, plus an inspirational message I'd like to share with you.

In this issue I will tell you about:

1) the current Google Index PageRank Update is fluctuating wildly

2) the latest Article Underground video shows a case study with some impressive stats

3) <for subscribers only>

4) The most powerful yet neglected features of an Article Underground Content & Traffic System membership exposed.

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1. Google PageRank Update in Full, er, half, er three quarters Effect

There is currently a wildly effervescent Google PageRank and Index update that is fluctuating more than a scale with a monkey jumping up and down on it (sorry - I couldn't come up with a better analogy that wouldn't offend someone - as much as I'd like to be controversial I hear it's good to be P.C. in a newsletter :'>).

While at this writing the update seems to be stabilizing a bit and all datacenters are showing the same PageRank, a few of the data centers show differing #'s of pages indexed as well as different rankings.

I have a list of cool PageRank tools up at the Article Underground Webmaster Page so you can see for yourself whether your web pages are ranking differently at Google's various datacenters

2. The latest Article Underground video shows a case study with some impressive stats

Just released today is the second part in the case study video series where I analyze what I've done with and show how it's now got a PageRank 6 and a PageRank 5 respectively on it's
2 article pages (yes, it only has 2 pages with articles - 4 total on the site).

I show what tweaks I've done and explain my linking strategy that with the use of the 15 article announcements blogs boosted up my PageRank and helped me get # 2 for "downloading music". I hate to even use this neglected 4 page site as a case study, but I guess it goes to show that you don't need to build large sites to get traffic and get lots of Adsense clicks!

Newsletter subscribers can check out the video at:

<for subscribers only>

Also, if you haven't seen the video I posted on IP Diversity a few days ago, you should check that out too! It shows how I use Optilink to find out the IP Addresses of the web sites linking to a domain. Very revealing stuff!



<for subscribers only>


4 - The most powerful yet neglected features of an Article Underground Content & Traffic System membership exposed.

Have you noticed that the name of the membership is more than simply Article Underground?

It's the Article Underground Content & Traffic System

Ah - yes! The traffic system!

There is a reason I have named this premium monthly subscription service as The Article Underground Content & Traffic System.

Because there are two keys to being successful as a real content publisher

1) The right words on your pages

2) Getting traffic to your web sites.

When I put this membership package together I knew it had to offer more value than simply good articles. So I worked overtime to make the articles better with killer keyword research PLUS I integrated possibly the most powerful traffic system on the net - period.

I created this "traffic system" to save you time by addressing the most important things real content publishers need to be successful, and I provide them in a reasonably priced monthly membership so you can save time by only focusing on the things that really make you money!

The Article Underground Content & Traffic System is a ONE STOP ALL IN ONE system that gives you content and gets you traffic. Are you taking advantage of all the free targeted traffic that comes from the traffic system???

Excuse the enthusiasm and hype, but I communicate with many members regularly and I think it is very important to help motivate you and steer you towards looking at things in the proper perspective.

I understand that many people look at this product and/or their membership and they think of it as 400 articles.

Whew! That's a lot of articles!

But with your subscription to Article Underground there is so much more power than simply a monthly zip with 400 articles. That is just a very small part of what the membership delivers!

It's true that you get a ton of keyword optimized articles for less than 25 cents each and that every month you get many more than you may be able to use... but if I may, I'd like to ask you to look at it a little differently for a moment.

It's like my favorite quote from Wayne Dyer who adeptly points out "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!"

The articles may help you build keyword rich web sites, but it's the 15, er, 17, er soon to be 20 article announcement web sites included with the Article Underground Content & Traffic System that gets you free targeted traffic!

While it's important to put words on your web pages, it will do you absolutely no good unless people visit your web pages.

Traffic doesn't just mysteriously appear... Web sites need to earn traffic!

People do not just magically appear because you put up a web page that has good words! Search engines don't hand you over a top ten ranking unless you EARN IT! I help you earn it easily!

Putting my articles on your web pages is a great start! But what I am getting at is that you MUST spend equal time IF NOT MORE TIME getting links to your web pages so you can get more top rankings which means lots of targeted free search engine traffic.

And there is no easier way than to use the included 20 blogs to announce your home pages and article pages! (yes, it's now 20 as I added 5 more - a PageRank 6, PageRank 5 and 3 PageRank 4 blogs for a total of 5 more kick ass blogs to announce on!)

The case study video points out how listing your new pages in multiple categories on several of the blogs can boost your pages to gain significant PageRank which translates into higher rankings which will bring you traffic!

But this doesn't happen overnight. You need to be patient and keep doing the things that make you money.

And that's build web sites, add article pages and announce them on the blogs.

A lot of members do "get it" and are already enjoying good rankings, free traffic and daily click money from following my guidance in the 7 weeks since I launched Article Underground. I'm happy to hear the success stories, but I also want to help those who are getting overwhelmed and hung up on what to do with all the articles.

Stop over thinking! Just do it! Do it now! Fast! Hurry! Every day you wait is money you could have been earning!

The biggest thing in the way of people becoming successful is that they are over analyzing and spending too much time worrying about how they are going to do things. The membership makes it so easy that you really do not need to spend time analyzing every intricate detail.

I've done all the hard work for you!

All you have to do is build web sites on domains, add article pages regularly and announce them on our blogs so the search engines find your pages and send you free search engine traffic.

But that will never happen UNLESS you build sites, add pages and get links. Those are the core elements.

The members that are doing this are already earning money. Their earnings are stacking up and they are learning from what they do that works, and are building on their successes to get more of the pie.

Don't be overwhelmed by the large number of articles we give you!
Sure 400 is probably too many! But I never intended that anyone would use all 400 monthly articles!

You don't need to use them all! You can, but it's more important that you divide your time equally between building web sites and adding pages AND announcing your pages on the 15, er 17, er soon to be 20 included article announcements blogs! You know, the blogs with the high PageRank category pages!

While the articles are great and can serve thousands of different unique purposes, it's the "traffic system" that earns it's weight in gold and is really the root of your future success as a real content publisher! I have said it before and I will continue to say it from the bottom of my heart - the Article Underground Content & Traffic System would still be a great value at $97. bucks a month EVEN if you stripped away and removed ALL of the articles!

Consider this - how much does a TEXT LINK cost on a web site???

You can get ONE TEXT LINK on a page on the San Francisco Chronicle, or another PageRank 7 or 8 site for around $150. That's one link on one inside page on their site. Sure, they are an authority site, but what's better... one link on an authority site or MANY links constantly added and updated for your individual article pages on our authority blogs? Think about it... Our 15, er, 17, er soon to be 20 article announcement blogs allow you to link to multiple home pages and many of your deepest inside article pages for just 97 bucks!

When you announce an article and you select more than 1 relevant category, that means your link will be seen on each one of those category pages. Post on 4 categories and you have 4 category link, your post page PLUS the front page of the site. Boom! That's instant link power at your fingertips!

I ask you - where else can you instantly get MANY high quality PageRank 4 and 5 links directly pointing at your article pages for
97 bucks a month???

It can't be done.

With the Article Underground Content & Traffic System any time you need a high power link with your choice of link text it's instantly available to you! No waiting for link trades or approval - instantly added to the blog!

BOOM! Log in and post! It's that easy!

So if I may - let's think of the membership a little differently...
it's not simply 400 articles, but rather 400 articles plus the ability to get top quality text links whenever you want them for your article pages, regardless of how many of them you use...

What I am trying to convey is that even if you only use 1 or 2 or 10 or 50 of the articles, that you still have the power to continuously earn free search engine traffic that very few if any other services can give you - period.

My case study video with shows that a small simple neglected web site with only 2 articles can get 2,500 + visits and
51 clicks in less than two months.

Sure, those two articles are damn good!

But it's the article announcements blogs that helped those 2 pages get PageRank 6 and PageRank 5 respectively.

So, back to my original premise and my statement about the membership being a content AND traffic system... It's good to have great articles on your site, but you'll never experience success UNLESS you get traffic. And it couldn't be easier than with the 20 included article announcements blogs making your life easier by helping you get instant links when you want them!

Whew... sorry about that rant... I truly want members to be successful and I hope I conveyed that you can easily have a secret weapon in our traffic system.

I also hope I have condensed all the overwhelming information down to the core elements - make pages - announce articles - cash your checks!

If you haven't visited Article Underground recently, come visit the site and snoop around! We've got free tools galore!

Article Underground Content & Traffic System

Good luck and happy article marketing! Let's go and shoot some fish in a barrel!


Oh... I almost forgot...


I installed it - love it - will have a video tutorial for you soon!

I created the template for my site from scratch, and then simply used the template with the stock ACP settings and tokens!

It was easy to install

Other than setting up a MYSQL database, all you do is FTP files to your server and install! Super easy!

If you use MY templates you'll have a trick looking web site with all the proper tokens and seo'd tags.

If you bought the program, send me an email with your receipt and I'll send you the above template I created from scratch along with all the custom Auto Content Tokens so you have the proper features and seo ready directory pages.

Would you like your own directory that grows slowly over time adding articles at random intervals???

Be sure to check out the Auto Content Publisher now in case it sells out!

Best regards,

Mike Liebner
Article Marketing News

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